Kamala to Talk to the Mexican President...About Planting Trees

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Kamala Harris still hasn’t gone to the southern border and she hasn’t done one thing that we can see to stop the influx of illegal aliens. She also hasn’t held a press conference or answered any questions about what she’s actually doing to stem the tide.


She’s made trips to other places on other issues, including to New Hampshire and our northern border to talk about infrastructure. She was roundly mocked by Republicans, who pointed out she was at the wrong border.

As I reported yesterday, while Harris hasn’t made it to the border, her book has made it in the “welcome kits” given to unaccompanied minors at a shelter housing the children. The White House is claiming that they don’t know how the books got there.

Now it’s been announced that she’s going to have a virtual meeting with the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, on May 7 to talk about an idea he has. He wants the U.S. to fund the extension of a tree-planting program to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. He’s proposing that would give people jobs, six-month temporary work visas, and eventual U.S. citizenship while they plant trees in those countries.

So, let’s see if I have it straight. Instead of actually protecting our border and enforcing our own laws, with a plan that was already working under President Donald Trump, we’re talking about paying out more money for people in Central America to have jobs there, to benefit those areas. Plus, if they have those jobs they can eventually become American citizens. And we get what out of that? And what is that doing to stop the massive influx that’s happening now, you know, the present crisis? There were 172,000 illegal aliens caught in March alone. As we reported, they’re just letting the unaccompanied minor children in, with record numbers of them coming last month as well.


This is the magical thinking of the Democrats. This is Kamala’s first effort to stop the crisis? It’s not even her idea.

Meanwhile, what exactly is Joe Biden doing? You know, the guy who is supposed to have the job of talking to world leaders?

They will likely agree to this, so they can claim they’re doing “something” and Kamala Harris can argue that she’s addressing the “root causes,” as the patient is hemorrhaging out of a major artery.

What’s funny, though, is what the critics are saying about the tree program as it’s now operating in Mexico.

As the Daily Mail explains, some don’t think it’s working. Environmentalists are mad because they’re claiming this is planting commercial species across native lands. Turns out that some farmers are tearing down their own trees so that they can then qualify for the government program, which sort of seems to defeat the whole idea behind the program. Sounds like a typical Democratic program, so they’re sure to go for it.


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