Jen Psaki Admits They're Letting All Unaccompanied Minors In, Meanwhile Kids Still Being Kept in 'Cages'

Jen Psaki Admits They're Letting All Unaccompanied Minors In, Meanwhile Kids Still Being Kept in 'Cages'
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Jen Psaki is really having a difficult time of it.

As we reported on Friday, Joe Biden is increasing migrant holding facilities up to full capacity regardless of the pandemic and opening up new facilities because of the surge that Biden created with his own words and executive actions.

Now, Jen Psaki has added to that by saying that they’re not turning away unaccompanied children, that they’re letting unaccompanied children in.

From Townhall:

“The big difference, which we certainly understand the outcome may be an influx of more children. If you were kicking children out, there’s naturally by design, there’s going to be more children that come in,” Psaki said. “We certainly have a different approach. We understand the outcome and the impact of that.”

“All I’m conveying is that obviously we’re going to have more kids across, in the country since we’ve been letting unaccompanied minors stay and the last administration immorally kicked them out, in our view,” she continued.

This is delusional. If you keep them out, they know not to come. Which is what was largely happening under President Donald Trump, so axiomatically fewer kids were bing detained which was a good thing. Now under Biden, thousands are flooding in because they know they will be allowed to stay. The more you signal they can stay, as the Biden team has been doing, the more will come.

This of course is madness. So naturally a Fox reporter asked are they really going to let in an unlimited number of unaccompanied minors. “Is the plan then to take in & safely & humanely find a home for an unlimited number of unaccompanied children?” Kristen Fisher asks. She asked if the Biden team planned to reverse their policy of allowing all unaccompanied children in? Psaki said no.

She justifies it saying that she’s a “mother” and that these kids are fleeing “prosecution” (I think she means persecution). She does claim that some may be sent home at the end of the process.

So if they think this is such a good and sustainable idea, why aren’t they talking about numbers here?

Fisher then asked for the numbers of people flooding in that we’re talking about here.

From Newsbusters:

FISHER: [T]he fact remains you have DHS is projecting 100,000 unaccompanied minors by May, and, you know, that brings me to another question, A lot of these numbers and data are all coming from leaked documents from DHS, from HHS.

Psaki wouldn’t answer her and gave a “circle back” kind of an answer.

Meanwhile, prepare for adults trying to get into the country to also suddenly become “unaccompanied minors” now that the Biden folks are letting them in. If that isn’t happening already. Then you’ll have another problem of adult men in among children.

ICE and even Democrats are making it clear there’s a disaster coming.

According to KFox14, HHS has a fully licensed 13,000 bed capacity. Right now, newly opened migrant facilities like Carizzo Springs aren’t even fully licensed but they have kids there.

Yes, ‘cages’ are still in operation too, as far as we can tell.

As KFox14 reports, “meanwhile, hundreds of children waiting to be placed in HHS’ system are being detained by the U.S. Border Patrol in tent facilities or large, cold cells unequipped to hold minors.”

But Democrats, so they ‘mean well,’ so it’s all cool.

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