Kamala Hasn't Made It to the Border, but a Noteworthy Likeness of Her Has

Kamala Hasn't Made It to the Border, but a Noteworthy Likeness of Her Has
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(UPDATE 4/27/21: The New York Post updated their original story which claimed that migrant kids were getting Harris’ book in a welcome kit, noting that only one known copy of the book was given to a child.)

A lot of folks are wondering what Kamala Harris is doing about the border crisis, asking when she will be going to the border.

As my colleague Mike Miller wrote earlier today, Harris did make it to the border. Just the wrong border, as Republicans noted. She went to New Hampshire to push Joe Biden’s ‘infrastructure’ plan, which is about so many things other than infrastructure, it’s become a joke. According to the NY Post, she was met by protesters there, who told her she should be going to the southern border instead.

But while Harris hasn’t made it to the southern border yet, her book, “Superheroes are Everywhere,” has made it there, according to the Post. It’s part of the “welcome kits” with basic supplies that unaccompanied migrant kids received at a new shelter at the convention center in Long Beach, California.

Um, haven’t these kids already been through enough trauma? They had to go through a harrowing journey with smugglers, and this is what you give them to torture them a bit more? Or is this her idea to how to get them to turn around and leave? That might just work.

This book makes it appear that Kamala Harris is a superhero. So they’re indoctrinating the kids early to idolize Democrats. Indoctrination is part of the “basic supplies” they need. How refreshing.

Here’s Rachel Campos Duffy’s take on how wrong this pitch about Kamala Harris is, how the real heroes are the Border Patrol that are always saving kids who the smugglers have endangered.

Pete Hegseth brought up the great point that if President Donald Trump or Vice President Mike Pence had put such a book about themselves in a welcome kit, how liberal media would have melted down. We’d already be talking about impeachment, in all likelihood.

But seriously, what’s going on here? First, why are these kids being given this book, which most probably wouldn’t be able to read because they don’t know English? And who is paying for this? Are taxpayer dollars being paid to Harris to give kids this book? Is Harris getting a benefit from this?

According to Fox News, the White House is now claiming that Harris “wasn’t aware” of the book being in the welcome packs. The Department ofHealth and Human Services could not be reached for comment on who is buying the books for the children. The book sells on Amazon for $11.85.

It certainly appears to be improper, and many are asking what’s going on here.

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