Geraldo Can't Stop the Stupid: Rants About 'Politicians' Posing With 'Gruesome Piles of Innocent Victims'

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Geraldo Rivera, the rotating liberal co-host of “The Five” on Fox News, has been on quite a run lately.

And by “quite a run,” I mean of the worst kind. As we reported on Friday, Rivera tweeted that his scheduled appearances on the Thursday and Friday episodes of “The Five” had been abruptly canceled. The thing is, I doubt he was simply told he was off the show for two days without explanation.


“I’m sure there’s a good reason,” Rivera said in his tweet.

Hmmm. So either Geraldo meant the comment or he tossed in a bit of snark as a thinly-veiled shot at whoever pulled the trigger to drop him from the show.

Switching gears for a minute, RedState has reported extensively on Saturday’s shooting at a popular Texas outlet mall that left eight victims and the shooter dead. The killer was reportedly 33-year-old Mauricio Martinez Garcia of Dallas, who was killed by a law enforcement officer who was nearby when the shooting began. Garcia was reportedly armed with a handgun and an AR-15-style “assault rifle,” the made-up term gleefully used by Democrats and their lapdog media.

Now, back to Geraldo. Rivera has not only long been at war with the AR-15; he has also made multiple ignorant comments about the long gun and its capabilities.

As my colleague Nick Arama reported in January, Rivera made a total fool out of himself during a segment of “The Five,” idiotically calling the AR-15 a “machine gun.” His “proof”?


Geraldo claimed the “AR” in AR-15 stood for “automatic rifle,” which was doubly hilarious, given that most left-wingers claim — also incorrectly — that the “AR” stands for “assault rifle.” Wrong, again. “AR” stands for ArmaLite Rifle, reflecting the company name (ArmaLite) of the original manufacturer of the weapon. But, hey — left-wingers gonna left-wing.

So, even before the Texas outlet mall shooter was publicly identified, Rivera fired up his Twitter machine to make one his most despicable comments in recent memory — which was just as stupid as it was insensitive:

All politicians who pose with their AR-15’s should also pose with those gruesome piles of innocent victims.

Yup, Geraldo just keeps digging his Stoopid Hole deeper and deeper.

Lose the apostrophe in “AR-15’s [sic]”, Geraldo — it’s incorrect — but I digress. Professional decorum stops me from writing what I’d really like to write, here, but suffice it to say that his disgusting exploitation of another horrific, senseless shooting is depraved bullcrap even for Geraldo Rivera.


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