BREAKING: Suspect in Deadly Shooting at Texas Outlet Mall Reportedly Identified

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Authorities have identified the shooter in Saturday’s deadly shooting in an Allen, Texas, outlet mall that left 8 dead and 7 wounded, according to Fox News.


The killer, who was shot and killed by police during the attack, is reportedly 33-year-old Mauricio Martinez Garcia of Dallas, Texas. Per Fox:

The suspect’s age, address, and vehicle matches the description of details law enforcement provided. The address, as of March, is approximately 30 miles south of the shooting at Allen Premium Outlets in Dallas, Texas. It appears to be associated with a hotel.

Multiple FBI agents reported to a home in the Northeast Patrol division of Dallas, with several Dallas Police officers standing outside. Multiple sources told the outlet the home is where the suspected 30-something-year-old shooter lives with his parents.

The family was reportedly being interviewed by the FBI and had requested a translator to assist. Agents were also searching the home where the suspect had been living for many years. Residents described Garcia as a “very quiet” but strange guy:

Neighbors say they often saw Garcia wearing a security guard-type uniform, but he was ‘very quiet’ and had ‘very unusual behavior.’ His gray Dodge Charger, which was seen at the scene, was often parked outside the home.


The shooter wore tactical gear for his attack Saturday that terrorized the town of Allen, which is about 27 miles from Dallas. Below is a video allegedly showing the deceased shooter, after a lone policeman shot and killed him before other officers were able to respond.

Warning: Graphic footage

Daily Mail meanwhile is reporting that the shooter worked as a security guard, but the outlet does not have details on where he worked. My colleague Susie Moore describes the chaos from the massacre:

Hundreds of terrified shoppers fled in panic after a gunman stepped out of a silver sedan and opened fire at a Dallas-area outlet mall, killing eight and wounding seven before being killed by a police officer who happened to be nearby, authorities said.

The victims have not yet been identified, but children may be among them.

Police did not immediately provide details about the victims at Allen Premium Outlets, a sprawling outdoor shopping center, but witnesses reported seeing children among them. Some said they also saw what appeared to be a police officer and a mall security guard unconscious on the ground.


The tragedy could have been even worse, if not for the efforts of a hero cop:

This comes after new audio revealed how the heroic officer made a frantic phone call begging for his colleagues to join him on the scene, radioing: “I need everybody I got.”

The officer bravely ran towards the active shooter – who was armed with 60 rounds and had shot over a dozen people by this point – and killed him.

About two minutes after first calling for backup, the cop said: “I got him down.”  Minutes later, another voice is heard on the radio saying: “We got victims. I need an ambulance.”

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