Glenn Greenwald Nails Noted NeoCon Bill Kristol Over Absurd Ukraine Tweet

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CNN commentator and Weekly Standard founder Bill Kristol is no stranger to having his butt handed to him by genuine conservatives on any number of issues. While investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald isn’t exactly a conservative, he just blistered Kristol over a tweet attacking “the anti-American right.”


Today’s shot by Kristol, followed by a couple of chasers from Greenwald, went about as one who knows anything about these two guys might expect it to go — with Kristol taking the “L.”

As is the case with most neocons, Kristol has never seen a foreign war-funding effort by the U.S. he didn’t endlessly support. Hence, the never-ending war between Russia and Ukraine is right up Kristol’s alley. Check it out:

The anti-Ukraine Right is an anti-American Right.

Makes for a cute bumper sticker, but is otherwise nonsensical.

Question: How does opposition to a continuing drain of U.S. military assets and tens of billions of taxpayer dollars qualify one as an “anti-American”? It doesn’t. Unless one resides in the irrelevant bubble of Bill Kristol’s neoconservative world, that is.

Bill Kristol
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Kristol’s absurd tweet was way too easy for Greenwald, which he promptly blasted over the left-field wall.

The defining tactic of neocons has always been — and still is — to argue that anyone who doesn’t support their war policies is unpatriotic, anti-American, and of suspect loyalties. That’s what they did throughout the Cold War, the War on Terror, and now on behalf of Democrats.



Greenwald took one more swing, hitting this one into the centerfield seats:

Literally no faction has done more damage of every kind to American life and to the world over the past several decades than neocons. That they’re now in a complete alliance with the Dem Party, and Democrats are trained to use their tactics, says it all.

Operative words: “They’re now in a complete alliance with the Dem Party.”

Two recent examples make Greenwald’s point, with the first being Nancy Pelosi’s Trump-hating, January 6 Committee, and four words: Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney — both whose venomous TDS cups runneth over against the former president.


In the second case, spineless Congressional Republicans, including 18 Senate Repubs, who on Thursday voted with the Democrats to pass the $1.7 billion omnibus package.

As Wisconsin Republican Rep. Tom Tiffany tweeted, the massive omnibus provides $44.9 billion for Ukraine, compared to $16.7 billion for U.S. Customs and Border Protection. “Democrats continue to protect a foreign country’s border over our OWN,” noted Tiffany.

And what says embattled Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell? You figure it out:

Rather than slowing assistance, we should be speeding up international deliveries to Ukraine… Republicans pushed hard here in the Senate to increase the amount of security assistance in this bill… This assistance is in our national security interest.

So is securing the southern border, Mitch.


Something stinks in D.C., gang. It’s time to throw out the trash.


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