Republicans Complete Their Betrayal With Omnibus Vote; Here Are the Names

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

A large contingent of Republican senators completed their betrayal of Republicans and of the American people on Thursday afternoon, voting to pass a massive $1.7 trillion omnibus package.


The bill had been widely maligned, partially because it contained nothing to help secure the US border while providing another $45 billion in aid to Ukraine. It also included provisions funding LGBT “pride centers” and numerous other boondoggles the government has no business being involved in.

Despite the outcry, though, Republicans in the US Senate soldiered forward to stab their voters in the back, and now, we have their names.

Seeing Tom Cotton on the list is disappointing because he’s so good on other issues, but unfortunately, he has a one-track mind when it comes to defense appropriations. Mitch McConnell obviously spearheaded this push, while figures like Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and John Cornyn offer no surprise at all. The names mostly make up the same surrender caucus that has repeatedly voted against conservative priorities throughout the Biden presidency.

Honestly, Democrats must be pinching themselves at their luck. They have an opposition that refuses to actually oppose them. Rejecting this omnibus bill should have been a slam dunk, especially given all the trash that was included in it.

Instead, McConnell and company bent over backward to not only give Biden everything he wanted, but they actually pushed for more spending for Ukraine than the president asked for. They then have the audacity to tell GOP voters that this was a win because military spending was increased. Apparently, I’m supposed to be excited about another blank check to a Department of Defense that can’t account for 60 percent of its expenditures.


The current Republican Party is making it really hard to care whether they win or lose. When it’s election time, we all rally around them, doing our best to pull them across the finish line. Yet, when push comes to shove, they can’t even be counted on to oppose massive omnibus packages full of leftwing priorities. They beg for power and then refuse to exercise it to protect the very people who elected them.

Why should I even care if the GOP controls the Senate at this point? It obviously doesn’t matter either way, especially when Lindsey Graham is rubber-stamping Biden’s judges anyway. And what makes this episode more infuriating is that it was so unnecessary. Republicans are days away from taking control of the House. The entire point of winning the last election was to regain control of the purse strings, and McConnell threw all that away, suggesting that he couldn’t trust his own party to govern. Shouldn’t he just become a Democrat, then?


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