WATCH: Joe Biden Completely Devolves Into Rambling Incoherence in Yet Another Appearance

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

You wouldn’t know it from looking at the mainstream media, but there is no shortage of video out there of Joe Biden sounding and looking like an incoherent mess in front of cameras.


There was the time he got confused about which direction to go in while boarding Marine One:

And here’s the time he started to answer questions and then had to stop and admit that someone, somewhere does not allow him to answer questions for some reason:

Of course, there was this “word salad” recently:

And then there’s the infamous “tripping up the stairs” video which was not so much funny as disturbing:


The hits just keep on coming, as Biden sat down at FEMA on Monday to talk about whatever it is he talks about these days. The perplexed President seemed confused and bumbling as he struggled to read his notes and form a full thought. I would transcribe this for you, but it’s nearly impossible.

Take a listen and keep in mind that this is the leader of the free world.

The fact that the mainstream media willfully ignores this disturbing behavior seems to be proof that they know it is becoming a real problem. They just can’t admit that the guy they backed to oust Trump is actually a worse communicator than Trump.


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