It Sure Seems Like Joe Biden Was Heavily Medicated at His Last Presser

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden’s brain malfunctioning has become a common theme of his presidency. It’s to the point where it’s become expected for him to forget names, mix up locations, lose his train of thought, and just generally have no idea what he’s talking about. There’s a reason Press Secretary Jen Psaki, by her own admission, typically doesn’t allow him to take impromptu questions.


But sometimes the speculation about Biden’s mental and physical health goes beyond just what he says. Here, watch this video and see what it looks like to you.

Now, what’s described here is a word salad, but I actually understood what Biden was saying, which is progress, I guess. He does seem to give the right response insofar as endorsing Israel’s right to self-defense. But what really strikes me is just how unhealthy he looks. His eyes are squinty, he’s talking slowly and slurring his speech, and he looks like a person who’s on the verge of passing out. This presser happened in the morning, not late at night or anything. Why would Biden be so out of it at that point of the day?

He probably sets a world record for most saying “uh” in a single sitting. There’s also this weird tic he does when his mind starts to fail him where he scratches at his nose, as if to buy himself another few seconds to think of what he’s supposed to say. When he finally backs away from the podium, he stumbles, almost looking startled that a reporter is asking him a question.


None of this is normal. We’ve never had a president, at least in modern history, that was this low energy and incapable of delivering on the basic functions of the office. And I don’t mean low energy as in Trump’s criticism of Jeb! Bush. Jeb! Bush was an absolute ball of energy compared to this.

Is Biden taking some kind of medication that we aren’t being made aware of? I can’t say for sure, and to reiterate for the fact-checkers, this article is speculation, not a definitive declaration. But there’s something going on here, and the American people deserve to not have it white-washed.


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