Biden Says He's 'Happy to Take Questions,' That's When Things Went Very Wrong

Joe Biden’s issues are just leaving us hanging out in the wind.

As we have previously reported, Joe Biden has failed to do a solo press conference yet. As my colleague Sister Toldjah reported, it looks like Biden has the record for latest solo press conference of anyone newly in office. The prior 15 presidents all did one within 33 days in office. Biden is already on day 42 and things are not looking like it’s anywhere on the horizon.


When he has taken questions, it’s often from carefully selected reporters and very brief.

Meanwhile, there doesn’t seem to be any likelihood that we will see his State of the Union address (address to joint session of Congress) anytime soon. Again, most in their first year would have done it by now. Biden said in January that he would be doing it in February. But then Jen Psaki claimed it had not been scheduled yet.

Even foreign news is now commenting on his cognitive issues.

But today, when Biden was talking virtually with House Democrats, there was another problem that is now raising eyebrows.

Biden has spoken about virus relief and vaccine distribution.

But at the end of his remarks, Biden said to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), “I’d be happy to take questions if that’s what I’m supposed to do, Nance. Whatever you want me to do.” Oh, goodie, sure sounds like he’s in charge. Not.

That’s when the White House cut the feed to the virtual event so no one was able to talk to Biden or ask him anything, should they have been so inclined. The screen just cut to a White House graphic.

Different angle in which you can see Nancy Pelosi.


Well, that’s one way of dealing with the problem. Notice also how the Washington Examiner said that the incident was removed from the “video on demand” version so it wouldn’t be seen.

What’s funny about this is, this isn’t even for regular people, this is for a crowd of folks on his side, that should be forgiving of any foibles, and they’re still cutting the feed to avoid the issue and perhaps to fool people. Just goes to show how bad it must be if they don’t even want some Democrats to get a real sense of it.

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