Feds in Khaki Pants March in DC

If you read an earlier take here, you know that a group of about 200 men wearing matching hats, blue jackets, and khaki pants marched in Washington, D.C., on Saturday. They marched around D.C. monuments then disappeared. It was absurd theater.


With few exceptions they all wore white masks and sunglasses, which gave a vibe of 200 dudes auditioning for a remake of the Invisible Man. Appropriately, they quickly disappeared, but instead of vanishing by stripping naked, they jumped into the backs of U-Haul trucks and sped away into the night — maybe to a Denny’s for early-bird dinner.

The group was reportedly called Patriot Front. What is Patriot Front? Only the 200 people wearing khaki pants likely know.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (which has labeled churches “hate” groups) claims that Patriot Front was founded after Charlottesville. Its founder is named Tommy Rousseau. Rousseau is a native of Dallas and founded Patriot Front, aka Invisible Khaki Men, when he was 18. According to the SPLC, they rarely come out in the daylight and rarely “rally” with other White Supremacists. So, besides being Invisible Men, and they might be vampires.

An appearance by Patriot Front is so rare and under the radar that when they pulled their khaki pants on yesterday, hardly anyone had heard of them. Twitter’s responses was, for the most part: “Huh? Who are these guys?”

So, march they did. They rallied at the Lincoln Memorial and marched down the steps to a chorus of boos, “F-U”s and middle fingers. They didn’t stay long (because Denny’s early-bird doesn’t last all night), and then headed to the rally point where U-Haul trucks were waiting to pick up Rousseau and his merry band of khaki pants. By they time they got the rally point, some were attacked by a bunch of thugs. Punches were thrown — and not a cop in sight.


This all looked and felt ridiculous. Some speculate that it was another failed Psyop by the useless midgets at the Lincoln Project, but it wasn’t. It was, likely, Patriot Front. But that doesn’t mean that all of the khaki pants were filled with PF khaki white supremacists. This was organized. Someone had to buy all the pants, hats and dark glasses. The Feds have the budget, and they had to know. I think the Feds told Rousseau “Dude, we’ll buy the pants.” Feds then went to Ross Dress for Less and bought all the uniforms. March on.

I am convinced that about 20 percent of them were Feds. I’m not going to do a Zapruder film and perform a frame by frame analysis of the marchers to match “FBI haircuts,” but some of those clowns were feds, guaranteed.

The “plot” to kidnap the governor of Michigan was so overloaded with informants and FBI agents, they likely outnumbered the accused. Here, I’m not sure they outnumbered the Patriot Fronters, but they were there.

Of the several U-Hauls in DC, I am pretty sure all of the Feds (all named “Agent Johnson”)  met at one truck. Destination: the Hoover Building. Too bad they missed the Denny’s early-bird special.


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