CODE RED COMICS: THE FBI Should Not Be In The Business of Creating a Crime

Growing up, my idea of the FBI was a cadre of honest and upstanding men and women, the best of us at the ready; G-Men willing to risk life and limb to prevent crime or solve it. And, usually within the span of a one-hour episode. I never thought the FBI would be tasked with creating a crime.


The plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer was, from the start, doomed to fail. It was never going to happen because in the ranks of 14 cartoon characters were, at a minimum, an additional 12 G-Men. These informants are supposed to be like mall cops. Observe and report. They are not tasked with creating a crime, but that is apparently what the FBI does now.

Agents of the FBI not only paid for hotel rooms for the willing, but they also bought food for meetings, paid for and supplied transportation for participants, and then baited the trap that leads to arrests.

The FBI had men on its payroll who took leading roles, supplied food, lodging, and transportation for dummies who were scheming a ridiculous plot and when the “mastermind” wasn’t moving with appropriate speed, the FBI  prodded the leader to act.

Like Biff calling Marty McFly “chicken,” the FBI goaded 14 dummies into a conspiracy and, it seems they were not prepared to commit without the FBI.  The FBI  created a crime for the wiling, then G-Men swooped in and arrested the group.


Apparently, almost half the group were FBI guys. Envision one of these meetings for the wayward wolverines and only the FBI guys showed up.

“Put the conspiracy on hold boys, we need at least one fish to take the bait.”

I don’t know what’s rotten in the state of Denmark, but something was rotten in the state of Michigan.


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