A 'Right-Wing' Group Marches on the Capitol - and Leaves a Lot of Questions

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

You were probably busy doing something better with your life yesterday than monitoring social media for leftwing consternation, but that’s why I’m here. To gloriously dive into that pit of muck and hopefully emerge with something newsworthy.


Perhaps this fits this bill? Last night, videos began to circulate of a largely unheard of “right-wing” group called the “Patriot Front” marching in costume toward the US Capitol Building. Reports put their numbers at around 100-200 people.

Information is sparse on who this group is. Some sites like the leftwing dumpster fire Southern Poverty Law Center claim they are an offshoot of the white supremacists that marched at Charlottesville. While searching for more sourcing, I noticed “Patriot Front” has a new Wikipedia page that appears to only be five hours old or at least was updated five hours ago as of this writing.

So they apparently marched toward the Capitol…and that was it. Disappointing CNN and MSNBC greatly, this was not the repeat of January 6th the left are desperately hoping for prior to 2022. But questions still remain. Was this actually the “Patriot Front” on display? Who organized this? Who paid for it? Why has this group been essentially unheard of until now?


Videos showed U-Hauls coming to pick up the marchers, another odd occurrence.

The entire thing was just weird. Typically, when these white supremacist groups demonstrate, they make a big deal about it, advertise it, etc. because the entire point is to put eyes on their grotesque ideology. They also don’t typically hide their identities. In this case, a group of masked individuals show up to march with fake shields and then quickly retreat to box trucks? It’s actually illegal to ride in the back of a truck like that in D.C. Why didn’t the USCP give out tickets? Or arrest anyone?

Admittedly, that’s pure speculation, and I’m skeptical The Lincoln Project has the kind of coin to pull off a stunt like this. This took more than handing some Democrat staffers $20 to stand in front of a bus. Yet, would it really surprise anyone if some left-wing activist organization paid the “Patriot Front” to do this in order to try to embarrass those on the real right and gin up more January 6th hysteria? It’s not like that hasn’t happened before.


It’s also odd that they didn’t actually go to the Capitol. I mean, if a radical, racist group is going to go through all this trouble, you’d think they’d do more than prance around the National Mall before being picked up by U-Hauls and Penske trucks.

But I digress. Perhaps we’ll find out more in the coming days. Or maybe we won’t and everyone will forget about this by tonight. That’s probably a safe bet.



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