CODE RED COMICS: The King of Disinformation

I’m not a fan of what-aboutisms, but good lord, the Biden administration is collaborating with Facebook to remove “problematic” posts? What would have been the reaction had the prior administration worked with a private behemoth to remove the platform of those who disagree with it?

The federal government, the one that denied that it was spying on journalists and then admitted it, will now throw its enormous weight behind a word purge.

Some of those who will be purged are nuts, but Facebook and apparently our federal government are going to decide which nuts to pick and who is a nut. That should terrify everyone.

A few days ago Joe Biden claimed new voting laws were the worst threat to democracy since the Civil War. That is a lie. It’s so false that it hurts my teeth. Joe Biden just disseminated a blatant and frankly dangerous falsehood, but the media, for the most part, won’t call him on that, won’t purge it, won’t cancel his disinformation. He’s on their side. They are on his side.

Biden isn’t really writing any of what he reads. He’s a puppet, and that’s not hyperbole. If we lived with objective facts, Psaki would announce the Facebook collaboration and the coming purge for disinformation, and Joe’s face would be on the screen.