AFT's Randi Weingarten Is a Liar and Fool Who Will Die on That CRT Hill

Randi Weingarten is not only a liar, but her hubris is remarkable. First, she goes on record saying that CRT is not being taught in America’s public schools.


“Critical Race Theory is not taught in elementary schools or middle schools or high schools. It’s a method of examination taught in law school and in college that helps analyze whether systemic racism exists. And in particular, whether it has an effect on law and public policy.

“But Culture warriors are labeling any discussion of race, racism or discrimination as CRT to try to make it toxic. They are bullying teachers and trying to stop us from teaching students accurate history.”

The term “Culture warriors” has become the chosen slur of the Left against people who don’t agree with them. And what exactly is Weingarten’s version of “accurate history”? The 1619 Project has been disproved and debunked for its clear leaps in logic and gaping historical inaccuracies; yet, teachers unions are still endorsing its instruction in schools. To go back to an old programming term: Garbage in. Garbage out. You cannot achieve accurate knowledge with inaccurate information and methods.

It’s the same with CRT. The more one digs into its origins, the more one sees that it has little to do with accuracy or history, and everything to do with indoctrination.


Then, Weingarten appears to do an about-face, and makes a full-throated endorsement of CRT. Weingarten not only defends it being taught in classrooms, but will defend any AFT teacher who instructs their students with CRT curriculum, against any existing state laws banning it!

After the National Education Association (NEA) had its annual coven, somehow it is now essential that “accurate history” be taught to children, and apparently CRT has been deemed that.

From AP News:

One of the nation’s largest teachers unions on Tuesday vowed to defend members who are punished for teaching an “honest history” of the United States, a measure that’s intended to counter the wave of states seeking to limit classroom discussion on race and discrimination.

In a virtual address to members of the American Federation of Teachers, president Randi Weingarten said the union is preparing litigation and has a legal defense fund “ready to go.” She promised to fight “culture warriors” who attempt to limit lessons on racism and discrimination by labeling it as critical race theory.

Riddle me this: If you’re not teaching it, then why do you need to mount a legal defense against those who oppose your teaching of it? Highly nonsensical, and definitely Orwellian. Those words you heard me say yesterday aren’t what I really meant. What I’m saying today is what I really mean.



At least six states have passed new laws limiting how race can be taught in the classroom, and similar proposals are being considered in more than a dozen others. Many of the bills are intended to bar the teaching of critical race theory — an academic framework that examines history through the lens of racism. It centers on the idea that racism is systemic in the nation’s institutions and that they function to maintain the dominance of white people in society.

The AP gets it wrong. It’s not an “academic framework”, it is a Marxist tool of indoctrination, but no one in the legacy media will say this. If racism is so systemic and the only thing that will solve it is equity and struggle sessions, then the first thing that needs to happen to dismantle the racist framework of the AFT, is for Randi Weingarten to step down and give her job over to either AFT Secretary-Treasurer Fedrick C. Ingram, a Black man, or Executive Vice President Evelyn DeJesus, a Hispanic woman.

It’s “equitable”. The way to lead is by example, so Weingarten needs to be an example of how CRT is supposed to work.

I won’t be holding my breath on that one.

Last month, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a law forbidding schools from teaching that people “should feel discomfort, guilt, anguish or any other form of psychological distress” because of their race or sex. It adds that slavery and racism can only be taught as a deviation from the nation’s “authentic founding principles” of liberty and equality.

Bills in some other states threaten to fine individual teachers who violate the rules or reduce state funding to their schools.

“Mark my words: Our union will defend any member who gets in trouble for teaching honest history,” Weingarten said in her address. “Teaching the truth is not radical or wrong. Distorting history and threatening educators for teaching the truth is what is truly radical and wrong.”


AFT also needs to look at the inequities in education that have been the hallmark in poor and minority communities, and why parents are crying for school choice. Will CRT solve this gap in education between communities that properly use their education funds and those who don’t? Or will they continue to blame everything on systemic racism and white society?

Maybe 2.5 million could solve that problem! Oh, wait…

In an interview, Weingarten said the union is adding $2.5 million to an existing legal defense fund in anticipation of local fights over the teaching of race. The funding will be used to defend teachers who are disciplined for teaching about slavery and racism. The union is also considering filing lawsuits to get clarification about new state laws limiting how racism can be discussed in schools, she said.

“We’re looking at these laws to see if courts will give some clarification in advance,” Weingarten said. “It just looks like it’s an attempt to erase so much of the history of the United States.”

The only person attempting to erase history is Randi Weingarten. Weingarten wants you to forget that it was her union which held the line against reopening schools last year, using every excuse in the book for teachers to remain on Zoom and not allow in-person instruction.


Even after the Biden administration worked toward school reopening, and Weingarten claimed she wanted clear guidance from the CDC on how to do this safely, it was discovered in May that AFT was giving talking points to the CDC on how they wanted schools to reopen.

So much for following the science.

Weingarten is definitely in the Liars and Gaslighters club, as is any politician, bureaucrat, or union organizer. Note the language in her tweet: “Our students deserve to have the freedom to learn and discuss this in school.” When did they become her students? This is also a Marxist focus: that children do not belong to parents, but to the State. Therefore, the State can teach them whatever they choose, and CRT is the chosen one.

If I were a parent, I’d be investigating my home school options right about now.

If Weingarten is truly interested in giving children the “freedom to learn and discuss” concepts in school, how about allowing a comparative religion version of critical theory where Christianity is not conflated with whiteness?


Yeah, that will never happen. Weingarten gave the game away when she allowed children to lose an entire year or learning, their self-esteem and confidence, and some their lives, in order to get COVID money and bonuses for herself and the greedy organizers who masquerade as teachers and push the agendas of the teachers unions no matter the cost to young minds and lives.

Now, she is giving the game away on where she stands with this racist indoctrination tool called CRT, and she plans to die on that hill.

Don’t worry, Randi, parents look forward to burying you there. And trust me, they will.


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