MSNBC's Joy Reid Gets Owned After Accusing CRT Critic Pushing for Debate of 'Making White Man Demands'

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Anyone that’s not a left-winger who knows anything about MSNBC’s race-hustling host Joy Reid knows that chances are, when she’s on-air and her lips are moving, she’s spewing bilge against someone or something white being “racist,” “white supremacist,” or worse.


Reid’s latest episode began on Friday when Critical Race Theory (CRT) opponent Christopher Rufo challenged the race-obsessed host to debate CRT with him on her show.

“[Joy Reid] has denounced me by name multiple times on her show. But she doesn’t have the courage to invite me on as a guest. She knows that I will crush her critical race theory apologetics any day of the week.”

Rufo, a journalist and documentary filmmaker, as noted by Fox News, has been at the forefront of the battle against Critical Race Theory and continues to play a key role in the national debate. Translation: He would destroy Joy Reid in a CRT debate, as Rush Limbaugh used to say, with “half my brain tied behind my back.”

Of course, one-trick pony Reid knows Rufo would burn her to a charcoal briquette — which is exactly why she responded the way the Left always responds when challenged with facts or is backed into a corner: Bust out the ad hominem attacks and/or charges of “racism.”


And Joy Reid being Joy Reid, responded… exactly like… Joy Reid.

“This is a weirdly aggressive way to get yourself on TV, Christopher.. Why not just contact my booking producers like a normal person, rather than going with the White Man Demands option? I had never even heard of you until … piece exposing your plot to rebrand CRT.”

“I had never heard of you.” How cute. As if Joy Reid not knowing who Rufo was — or anyone else on the planet — somehow disqualifies the senior fellow at the conservative think tank the Manhattan Institute from debating someone of Reid’s “stature.”

Rufo returned fire on Saturday, pointing out to Reid that he had not “demanded” anything, and once again challenged her to put up or shut up.

“I’m not ‘demanding’ anything; I’m challenging you to a debate about critical race theory. The real question: are you going to accept this challenge or not?”

Maybe one of Reid’s PMSNBC pals should have told her Christopher Rufo (wink-wink) is way too smart for her to mess with. That “fighting a battle of wits with no ammunition” thing.


And Reid’s response?

At this point, other notables jumped in, including independent journalist Andy Ngô, who pushed Reid to post her contact information.

Fox News contributor Guy Benson took a well-aimed shot at Reid, as well.

“Trash him, then instantly play the race card when he asks to come on and respond. 👌”

Seems to me that anyone who is as committed to anything as Joy Reid is committed to Critical Race Theory should be eager to put his/her money where his/her mouth is — to put (pick one, or more) facts, data, history, logic, or common sense — where his/her mouth is.

Former Trump speechwriter Billy Gribbin also taunted Reid, per the New York Post:

“Don’t be a coward. Have him on or stop throwing out insults. You know you can’t hang.”

I know I’m getting redundant — it’s hard not to when blistering Joy Reid, but she knows she “can’t hang” with Chris Rufo or any other rational opponent armed with facts, which is exactly why she and people like her hide behind TV cameras and preach to their respective audiences of useful idiots.


Rufo would expose Reid for what she is — and video of the beatdown would go viral on social media in a nanosecond. Joy Reid knows that. The mere thought of going toe-to-toe with Chris Rufo is terrifying to MSBNC’s Critical Race Theory hood ornament.

Finally, speaking of “people like Joy Reid” and race-hustler news, CNN’s — “The Most Trusted Name in News” — race-obsessed host Don Lemon, as reported by my colleague Alex Parker on Friday, whined to fellow whining narcissist Fredo (Chris Cuomo) that white parents outraged over kids being indoctrinated with Critical Race Theory are selfish.

“That’s the whole thing about what privilege is. It’s that you — people don’t like to have their pleasure interrupted. Their peace interrupted … stop making it about you.”

And CNN wonders why their ratings continue to swirl down the toilet.



Given that people like Joy Reid, Don Lemon, and similar leftists are incapable of rational thought — let alone rational debate — the best advice is, “screw ’em.”

The most effective tack conservatives can take to combat the insanity of the Left is to stand back and allow them to spew their nonsensical bilge — without interference — and do our part to help as many people see it as possible. Again, to borrow from Rush, “the more we let these people talk, the more they reveal exactly who they are.”

And as Rush did for more than 30 years on his nationally syndicated radio show, it’s incumbent upon those of us with a voice that we use it — use it to speak truth to lies, facts to radical ideology, and reality to delusion.


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