I Do Not Come to Praise Fauci, but to Bury Him

The Washington Post thought it was doing the Lord’s work in fluffing Dr. Fauci’s reputation with an article about 866 pages of emails produced pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request. The emails purportedly give a window on Fauci’s world in the thick of the 2020 global pandemic, and how he handled things under the pressure of that Bad Orange Man.


You see, for the American public, the bloom is off the rose. Oh, you will always have your Cult of Fauci and people who believe that had it not been for Fauci, the entire nation would have been dead. From the mounting evidence proving otherwise, it’s a miracle that more people are not dead.

WaPo begins its glowing tome thusly:

The previously unreported exchange was among 866 pages of Fauci’s emails obtained by The Washington Post as part of a Freedom of Information Act request. The correspondence from March and April 2020 opens a window to Fauci’s world during some of the most frantic days of the crisis, when the longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was struggling to bring coherence to the Trump administration’s chaotic response to the virus and President Donald Trump was seeking to minimize its severity.

Fauci brings “coherence” to Trump’s “chaotic response.” Hardly, but WaPo works really hard at polishing turds.

Fauci’s actions during that period and beyond remain an intense focus for many Americans and political leaders. Now serving his seventh president, Fauci, 80, is helping to craft President Biden’s pandemic strategy, and many Republicans accuse him of playing a key role in Trump’s loss in the November election.

They never name these “many Republicans,” but such is the ethos of the fish wrap of record. Democracy died in darkness several times over with this bunch.

“I was getting every single kind of question, mostly people who were a little bit confused about the mixed messages that were coming out of the White House and wanted to know what’s the real scoop,” Fauci said in a recent interview. “I have a reputation that I respond to people when they ask for help, even if it takes a long time. And it’s very time consuming, but I do” respond.


The King of Mixed Messaging is blaming what was coming from the White House? Seriously? As my colleague Bonchie wrote back in April:

Fauci has profoundly hurt this country, and his “advice” regarding the coronavirus has been nothing short of disastrous. From lying about masks to spreading anti-vax nonsense to botching the vaccine roll-out by overriding other health officials, Fauci’s tenure has been marred by failure. If there’s anyone out there still taking this guy seriously, just stop.

Fauci has also proven himself the King of Confusion from the time he stepped onto the national stage with the AIDS crisis. It would be laughable if people were not dying as a result. Hundreds of thousands died from AIDS under his watch. Despite this, Fauci was handed the reins of the COVID response first by President Donald Trump, and now by Dementia Joe Biden. But the longer Fauci remains on the stage, the more everyone sees that the Emperor has no clothes. So, why does legacy media continue to try and make this man out to be a Savior who can do no wrong, when history is unfolding before our eyes and exposing Fauci’s naked backside?

From a deep dive into the emails, my colleague Scott Hounsell uncovered an April 18, 2020 email between Dr. Fauci and Dr. Peter Daszak the president of the EcoHealth Alliance, whose hands are deeply stained with the gain-of-function research from the Wuhan lab. As more and more evidence is discovered, it looks as though Fauci was not only involved in the gain-of-function research that led to SARS-CoV-2, but that he funded it through the NIH.


The exchanges between Fauci and Daszak lend greater credence to this.

Other land mines that WaPo thinks are skipping stones:

Fauci continued to maintain friendly correspondence with George Gao, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, even after China’s duplicity and corruption in not only underreporting the numbers of people infected and dead, but also in clearly feeding us false information about the virus. WaPo colors it as some type of loyalty among true scientists, instead of what it is: keeping a useful idiot (Fauci) on a string.

Trump ratcheted up attacks on China for not containing the virus after it was first discovered there, Fauci sought to maintain ties with Gao, a well-regarded Chinese scientific leader — and Gao with him.

After Fauci faced threats from Trump supporters who blamed him for supporting social distancing rules that closed schools, tanked the economy and threatened Trump’s reelection prospects, Gao, a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, emailed again.

“I saw some news (hope it is fake) that [you] are being attacked by some people. Hope you are well under such a irrational situation,” Gao wrote on April 8.

“Thank you for your kind note,” Fauci replied three days later. “All is well despite some crazy people in this world.”

Another email dated April 11, 2020, from Janet Tobias, CEO of Ikana Health Media, was addressed to Fauci with a cc to Patricia Conrad, NIH Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff. This email lets the cat out of the bag that Fauci allowed himself to be filmed in the midst of the pandemic response, because Robert Iger, executive chairman of The Walt Disney Companies and NatGeo, wanted to maintain momentum on an already established documentary on Fauci’s life and work.


I. Kid. You. Not.

Email from Janet Tobias to Anthony Fauci re: Documentary:

“I think we have landed in the right place for the film about your life. Nat Geo, Disney, and Bob Iger himself, all understand the need for discretion now but are wildly supportive about releasing a film that will celebrate the importance of your life, science and public health.

EXCUSE ME?! April 2020?! That was less than a month after the nationwide lockdowns. The world, not to mention the American people, had more questions than answers, CNN was doing its death counter and gloom and doom coverage, people were still trapped on cruise ships, and governors like HairGel Newsom, Cruella Whitmer, and Handsy Nipples Cuomo were infecting grandma and grandpa, and acting like the dictators they are. Dr. Fauci actually praised Governor Cuomo’s pandemic response, probably while Nipples was polishing the final draft to his $5 million memoir.

And what else was Fauci doing? Collaborating on the film of his life’s legacy. Give me a f@*king break!

I wanted the best home, broadcast distribution, and strongest team for your film. You have entrusted me with your story, so I just want to do right by it.

The email goes on to pitch other stories that the producer is working on. For one of those, the CEO points to Fauci as one of the “key subjects” in the film.

What comes across is a craven, duplicitous and self-serving human who is more intent on burnishing his legacy than he is on combating a virus. Had the Trump administration known about this correspondence early on, I imagine Fauci would have been pitched out on his ear. Sadly, he continues to get a pass despite evidence showing his abject failure during the COVID pandemic.


WaPo gives a very brief spotlight to this email and places it in a casual light, burying the lengthy missive among the other 865. This is journalistic malpractice at its worse.

The documentary which Fauci allowed to continue despite a time of international crisis is supposed to be released sometime this year, probably in concert with Fauci’s philosophy book about “Truth” and “Service” <insert *barf* emoji>.

The emails also reflect that Fauci had phone calls with Bill Gates. Fauci was attempting to coordinate with Gates and his Foundation on global vaccine distribution.

In an interview, Fauci said he has had a long-standing relationship with Gates, whose foundation focuses on global vaccine access, among other issues. He said that he and Gates talk about every two weeks and that they have remained in touch about how to get coronavirus vaccines to the rest of the world.

Since the announcement of Gates’ divorce from Gates Foundation partner and wife Melissa Gates, his reputation has crashed, and continues to go up in flames. Much information is being exposed about the depth of Gates’ relationship with accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, something that the legacy media ignored back in 2014.

Gates’ so-called vaccine work has been exposed by The New Republic as a failure and a sham, with Gates’ efforts geared toward maintaining a monopoly on the vaccine and who receives it, rather than focused on actually getting people vaccinated.

Birds of a feather grift together. Doesn’t matter that you deceive a panicked nation and sacrifice lives on the altar of your supposed expertise.



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