Dr. Fauci's Ridiculously Unscientific Rantings Are Reaching Dangerous Levels

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It’s Sunday, and that means Dr. Anthony Fauci took to the various news programs to soak up some more of that sweet, sweet air time. The top COVID advisor to the Biden administration has become a staple on network and cable news, seemingly spending more time spewing contradictions for the masses than actually doing his job. Today was no exception.


Let’s start with Fauci’s continued rantings on masks for those that have been vaccinated.

I’ve addressed this before, and the facts remain the same. Re-infection chances after vaccination are almost non-existent (0.0075%), and the possibility of death at that point is less than being struck by lightning. There are probably a hundred things you do throughout the day that are statistically more likely to kill you than COVID after you’ve been vaccinated. Further, the risk from COVID will never be zero, thus Fauci’s standard here is essentially a permanent mask mandate and never shaking hands again. Does that sound reasonable?

To continue this fear-mongering nonsense about mask-wearing and social distancing is effectively an anti-vaxxer message. That makes Fauci’s ridiculously unscientific rhetoric dangerous at this point, specifically for those in older age demographics that are actually highly vulnerable to the virus. When people are told nothing changes with the vaccine, they aren’t going to go wait hours in line to get the shot.


Past that, the data on masks continues to come back showing they simply aren’t effective. Maybe it’s because people don’t wear them right. Maybe it’s because they are unsanitized Petri dishes for disease. Either way, mask states are getting slammed while free states are seeing their case and hospitalization numbers plummet. At some point, it’s time to just admit that the mask hysteria was a stupid, harmful thing and that it’s time to change course. Fauci won’t do that, though, because he’s a borderline sociopath who doesn’t care about any of the suffering his actions caused.

Of course, Fauci’s self-awareness approaches zero, so you get further idiocy like this.

What’s paradoxical is proclaiming that people need to get vaccinated, while simultaneously signaling the vaccine doesn’t work by insisting they keep wearing masks and not traveling. How does Fauci not see that? Or perhaps he does, but he’s just that much of a partisan hack at this point. Yeah, I’m gonna go with the latter.

I’ll also note that while he’s sniping at red states about vaccinations, those states are doing far better than his precious blue states. Remember, Fauci once said New York had done it “right” in regards to handling COVID, a proposition so laughable that you’d be mistaken for thinking the doctor had started doing stand-up.


Fauci has profoundly hurt this country, and his “advice” regarding the coronavirus has been nothing short of disastrous. From lying about masks to spreading anti-vax nonsense to botching the vaccine roll-out by overriding other health officials, Fauci’s tenure has been marred by failure. If there’s anyone out there still taking this guy seriously, just stop.


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