Hypocritical D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser Calls Up The National Guard Ahead of The January 6 #StoptheSteal Rally

Democratic National Convention via AP

Marxist Muriel Bowser, the purported Mayor of the District of Columbia has called in the National Guard ahead of a huge #StoptheSteal pro-Trump rally slated for Wednesday. The AP reports,


“Washington, D.C.‘s mayor urged calm Monday as some 340 National Guard troops were being activated while the city prepared for potentially violent protests surrounding Congress’ expected vote to affirm President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

“According to a U.S. defense official, Mayor Muriel Bowser put in a request on New Year’s Eve to have Guard members on the streets from Jan. 5-7th, to help with the protests.”

The Daily Mail UK further reports,

“The official said the D.C. National Guard members will be used for traffic control and other assistance but they will not be armed or wearing body armor. Her request was approved by Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller it was reported Monday.”

I call BS. Ms. Black Lives Matter Bowser is the dumbass who declared Christmas Eve, an already hallowed and internationally known day of celebration of the Eve of the birth of Christ, as Anthony Fauci Day, and even did an official proclamation. She is as unserious as an interview with Cardi B.

If Bowser was concerned about unrest, she wouldn’t have let Black Lives Matter D.C. and Antifa destroy property and monuments during the George Floyd protests and then proudly rename 16th Street across from the White House “Black Lives Matter Plaza”.

If Marxist Muriel was actually concerned about the safety of her city and on top of it, she would have known to prepare her police for the #StoptheSteal Rally that happened in D.C. a week after the November 3 election.


Bowser did nothing to protect the thousands of peaceful Trump supporters who were attacked by BLM and Antifa goons after dark.

My colleague Nick Arama reported,

“The day was largely peaceful with a lot of people coming out and the president even dropping in on the marchers. But there were some attacks and harassment by Antifa/BLM groups that came to cause trouble, including the harassment of a multiracial family with little kids.

“But then when the sun set and people started breaking up to go home, that’s when various Antifa/BLM folks started going really crazy as we reported, cold cocking people, stealing their flags, phones or Trump hats, even attacking diners in restaurants with bottles and fireworks.”


Suddenly Bowser is “urging calm” and is concerned about protests in D.C. Marxist Muriel claims it is for “traffic control and other assistance”. That “other assistance” category covers a multitude of sins. With news that the Proud Boys are planning to wear Black in order to mimic and blend in with Antifa, it appears that Bowser is looking to ignite a powder keg.

Her tweet indicates an expectation of violence, rather than any efforts to quell it:

Along with Marxist Muriel, some people are warning their fellow travelers to stay at home on January 6 because of those dangerous Proud Boys.


Black Lives Matter D.C. celebrated the Hotel Harrison’s closure on the 6th and its decision to cancel the rally attendee’s reservations. BLM-DC put out a call for other D.C. Hotels to shut down and for the Metro to cease operations as well. Not a peep from Marxist Muriel, but since she doesn’t actually run the city, it’s for sure other hotels are trying to avoid damage by following suit. Because Trump just wants violence.

Yeah, right.

While others simply want to see the Electoral College votes challenged. If it requires the Proud Boys standing ground against BLM-DC and Antifa activists, then so be it. The popcorn is ready.


While I am praying the outcome of Wednesday’s rally will be peaceful AND productive, it is clear Marxist Muriel Bowser is out of her depth and wanting to hang any unrest that might occur on others.

The Proud Boys and the U.S. National Guard are merely convenient hooks.


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