Merry Christmas Eve! The Mockery of "Fauci Day" Continues Apace


I’m in a mocking mood today, and the Leftist and legacy media just keep giving me the fodder. I’ll take it as an unexpected Christmas present.

The Marxist Muriel Bowser, who is a woke activist that pretends at being the Mayor of Washington, D.C., declared December 24, 2020 as, “Dr. Anthony S. Fauci Day”.


Forget that December 24 is traditionally called “Christmas Eve”, and is the last day of the Advent Season commemorating the Birth of Christ. Nah, who cares about some White Supremacist holiday that has been celebrated around the world for a millennia—we want Fauci Day!

One of my nieces is also born on Christmas Eve—I don’t decide to disregard and exclude the historical and holy significance of the day in order to celebrate her birthday. It’s tacky, ignorant, and a slap in the face to anyone who celebrates and honors Christ. Yet, here we are, and this is the Cult of the Left. They mock us for worshiping a God we cannot see, but they have their own liturgy too, and this ridiculous pronouncement clearly points this out. They need to take a look in the mirror sometime.

My colleague Nick Arama did his own skewering of little Lord Fauci, which included a great video of Tucker Carlson’s takedown of the drool fest over this supposed COVID expert. Forget the fact that Dr. Fauci has changed his mind on the nature of the virus and how it should be treated more than Miley Cyrus changes relationship partners, this man continues to be praised as an authority and font of knowledge for reasons that I still cannot figure out.


Anyone else with this track record would have been regulated to the category of quackery. Yet, here we are.

While the Internet is replete with nauseating and questionable plaudits and congratulatory messages like this:

And this:

Or this…

There are some of us who are right on board with giving Dr. Anthony Fauci the takedown he so richly deserves.

While I’m not sure if the singer Chris Mann is being serious or sarcastic, this one is worthy of the mockery category.


Then there’s the irony of having a Christmas holiday pushed aside for him, when it was Fauci who has been pushing to cancel Christmas altogether.

In the category of Failure recognizes Failure, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti joins the parade of worship, while an observant constituent replied with Fauci’s ever evolving advice which has contributed to treatment delayed, and lives lost.

Arizona Representative Andy Biggs gives credit where credit is due. Fauci’s politically calculated and self-serving “leadership” fits squarely in with the swamp that is D.C. Unfortunately, like COVID, the rest of the country has suffered the consequences of the spread.


And leave it to John Ziegler to unmask (pun intended) what this commemoration of Dr. Anthony Fauci is really about.

We now return to our regularly scheduled Holiday.

Merry Christmas Eve to all!


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