Trump Rips Antifa for Attacking His Supporters, Calls Out Failure of D.C. Mayor and Media


As we reported yesterday, tens of thousands of Trump supporters came out in Washington, D.C. to #StopTheSteal, encourage attention to problems with voting and support President Donald Trump.


The day was largely peaceful with a lot of people coming out and the president even dropping in on the marchers. But there were some attacks and harassment by Antifa/BLM groups that came to cause trouble, including the harassment of a multiracial family with little kids.

But then when the sun set and people started breaking up to go home, that’s when various Antifa/BLM folks started going really crazy as we reported, cold cocking people, stealing their flags, phones or Trump hats, even attacking diners in restaurants with bottles and fireworks.


But later into the evening the Proud Boys who were also in the area began to fight back against the attacks by Antifa and got into several brawls with them. They even stopped one person who had a knife and turned it and her over to the police.

The group that was involved in cold cocking the older man and stealing his phone was reportedly arrested so that is great news because they were involved in multiple assaults according to the videos.


Of course, media completely ignored the attacks or termed it “scuffles” breaking out between Trump supporters and “counter-protesters.” Then when the Proud Boys fought back, they tried to blame the right for the violence.

But President Donald Trump was righteously angry, blasting Antifa and calling out Mayor Muriel Bowser for not doing enough to protect people since it was her responsibility in D.C. and it appeared that police could have done more or better at different points throughout the evening. Police were there earlier in the day and there later in the evening but in the meantime, a lot of people were assaulted. There was also this incident where the police made the Trump supporters go back through the BLM/Antifa gauntlet and were attacked again and again trying to leave out of the area.


So where is the media decrying the attacks on the Trump Supporters? Where is Joe Biden calling for “unity” and condemning Antifa? Or is it only unity if you accept his claim of winning not when you call out his supporters for attacking people?


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