Antifa Goes Wild in D.C., Attacking Trump Supporters, Even Terrorizing Children and the Elderly

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

We brought you some of the Million MAGA March earlier.

While the event during the day was largely peaceful with police presence, there were some Antifa attacks on Trump supporters as we noted with at least a couple of arrests. Antifa/BLM even harassed and attacked a family with children, as we previously reported.


But as the dark fell, it got a lot crazier with Antifa going after the Trump supporters as they were leaving and no police in sight.

Mobs were targeting individuals or elderly as they left the larger group of Trump supporters to go home.

This older man was knocked out cold by a person carrying a Refuse Fascism sign. Lot of irony there as the person attacks someone in the street, trying to suppress their political views, the very essence of “fascism.” As he falls his phone falls to the street. A woman kicks him in the head and then another woman with her friend steals his phone as she and her friend run off laughing.

Some to the same people harassed and attacked this elderly couple.


Attacking this couple, grabbing the woman and throwing things at her.

They push over an older man on a scooter:

Terrorizing little children:

They even attacked people sitting in restaurants, throwing an explosive firework into this establishment.

Metro Police wouldn’t let the Trump supporters get out here, forcing them to have to run the gauntlet back through the BLM/Antifa crazies again and be assaulted.


They also tried to surround and attack the Capitol Hilton. But that’s where it didn’t end well and the police finally seemed to go after the terrorists.


At least some of them are going to spend the night in jail. But now as it turns to night, the Proud Boys who are used to dealing with Antifa are coming out to defend people and Antifa is not ending up well there either.

Apparently these Antifa brownshirt attacks in the street are “unity?” People who voted for Joe Biden? This is what you voted for, whether you get it or not. This is what you are countenancing.

Where are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris condemning this, and Antifa and the BLM by name? They have yet to do so. Indeed Kamala Harris and Biden staffers donated to a rioter bail fund and Biden embraced the BLM completely at his convention. But they are typically silent.

How about the media? They are silent too. If media can’t even call this out as wrong, we’re in a very bad place right now.



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