Kamala Harris Gives Delusional Take on Her Dismal Approval Ratings

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

It’s hard to tell whether Vice President Kamala Harris is delusional or if she just thinks she can gaslight the American public into believing something that clearly isn’t true. During a recent interview, Harris tried to spin her abysmal approval ratings into something resembling a positive.


The vice president, while speaking with ABC News, blamed others for distracting the public from her supposed accomplishments while serving under President Joe Biden:

Her average job approval rating is underwater at 41%, with her disapproval at 53%, according to RealClearPolitics. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s average approval-disapproval rating is 42%-54%, per the polling aggregator.

“Well, there are polls that also say I have great approval ratings,” Harris told ABC in an interview that aired Monday. “I think the point that has to be made is that there are attempts to create distractions away from the accomplishments of our administration.”

Harris did not point to a specific poll, though no recent surveys show her higher than 44%.

The vice president similarly downplayed concerns about Biden’s reelection campaign, from Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Democratic primary challenge to third-party bids from the Green Party’s Cornel West and possibly No Labels.

“Our focus has been on strengthening America and doing the work every day that is about seeing through what we are doing to bring down the cost of healthcare, what we are fighting for in terms of strengthening the economy and America’s families,” she said.


Of course, Harris did not point to any polls showing favorable approval ratings – there are none. She has set records for having the lowest approval ratings of any other vice president. It is a reality that Democrats and the elite media have been trying to downplay by pretending that the results of these polls somehow reflect rampant sexism and racism in America. Nevertheless, it is not difficult to see that her horrific approval ratings are more a result of her incompetence rather than her immutable characteristics.

Harris, who was once praised as an up-and-coming star in the Democratic Party, has had a slew of issues while serving in the White House. She has often been mocked for her inability to give a cogent speech. Like her boss, she has become known for being a gaffe machine. Take her recent speech on artificial intelligence, for example:

Harris’ handling of the migrant crisis has also elicited criticism from folks on the left and right. Despite being appointed as the border czar whose role was ostensibly to address the “root issues” of the problem, she has done little to deal with the issue. She came under fire for refusing to even visit the border and eventually gave in and took the trip down south.


Last year, numerous reports surfaced detailing her problematic managerial style, which resulted in the resignations of a significant number of employees. The turnover in her office became so pronounced that even left-leaning media outlets reported on it.

To sum it all up, Harris has been a tremendous disappointment to Democrats, who had such high hopes for her political career. The left fawned all over her during the 2020 primary campaign and celebrated when Biden chose her as his running mate. They speculated that she could someday become the first female to occupy the Oval Office.

But now, it’s clear that Harris is not the champion Democrats were looking for. Ultimately, Harris’ stint as vice president has left America with a bad taste in its mouth. It is her performance that is to blame, not sexism or racism.



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