As Kamala Harris Crashes and Burns, the Excuses are Already Rolling In

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Who would have thought that the woman selected for President Joe Biden’s VP spot solely based on her skin color and gender, and in spite of her lack of likeability, would turn out to be a massive disappointment and even problem for the Biden administration? An administration now trying to distance her away from it.


As my colleague Joe Cunningham reported, it would appear things are getting ugly between Harris and Biden behind the scenes after a CNN article revealed Harris loyalists are highly unfair to their favorite VP. Naturally, race and gender played a significant role in these troubles, according to these sources.

“It’s hard to miss the specific energy that the White House brings to defend a White man, knowing that Kamala Harris has spent almost a year taking a lot of the hits that the West Wing didn’t want to take themselves,” a former Harris aide said.

Reports that the Biden administration is not a healthy environment and that people are often treated like “s**t” wasn’t exactly uncommon and these reports once again appeared in CNN’s article. Jen Psaki attempted to do damage control on Twitter by telling everyone that Harris is a “bold leader” who took key roles in “important challenges facing the country” but this is hard to swallow given the fact that when important matters are happening, Harris is being shunted into an event somewhere else that will get far less press coverage.

I’m not unwilling to buy that this is happening to Harris because of a toxic work environment. The Biden administration seems like it’s run by leftist activists more than it is professional politicians. There’s no attempt at balance in anything they do. It’s pedal to the medal idealism with a figurehead being a doddering old man who admits quite often that it’s not his hands on the steering wheel when it comes time to answer questions from the press.


What I’m not willing to buy is the excuse that the left had set up for Harris long before she even ran. They subtly and overtly threatened Biden before he had even selected his VP that unless his running mate was a woman of color, then the more radical base would turn their back on him. Like a good little Democrat, he did what he was told by the radicals in his party, and Harris was selected despite having had to drop out of the Democrat primary rather early due to a stunning drop in popularity.

Harris, on first impression, seemed like a confident, intelligent, and competent woman. This was quickly destroyed by Hawaii’s Tulsi Gabbard, who laid Harris’s sins bare and Harris never recovered neither her momentum nor her confidence. This lack of confidence seemed to follow her well into her role as VP and her incompetence has only blazed forth more brightly.

There’s nothing she’s involved with, no speech she gives, no off-the-cuff moment, that doesn’t look like an amateur hour attempt at being a personable official. Whether it’s visiting the border she’s failed to protect that only happened because Donald Trump was going to beat her there first, to interrupting a NASA presentation to ask weird questions about trees and environmental justice, Harris just comes off as silly; a woman who was never supposed to be in this position and proved why the moment she did. It’s all awkward laughs and highly public failures.


This is why Harris is being shunted aside. She’s awkward, she’s incompetent, and she’s unlikeable.

This idea that Harris is the victim of racism and sexism, which the left attempted to set up for her failures early on, is complete nonsense. Originally, they used that line as a shield from criticism for her selection, now the Harris camp is using it as a weapon against her own administration as an excuse as to why someone so wonderful is being sidelined. “It’s the white patriarchy,” they say!

But the truth is that Harris was never meant for this role and it shows, and like Biden, the less they show of her the better.

It’s highly unlikely that Harris will be on the Democrat ticket should Biden hold out till 2024, if the Weekend at Bernie’s charade can go that long.


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