If the DNC Was Hoping Kamala Harris Could Save Their Sinking Ship, They're Gravely Mistaken

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If you thought President Joe Biden was unpopular, then you’d be surprised to know that the VP the DNC selected in order to make him more electable is even less liked.


Vice President Kamala Harris is even more unpopular than Biden, which may not come as a major surprise to many. According to the USA Today/Suffolk University poll covered by Nick Arama on Sunday, stats showed a very important takeaway about Harris, which is effectively a foreshadowing of the Democrat Party’s future:

Vice President Kamala Harris’ approval rating is 28% – even worse than Biden’s. The poll shows that 51% disapprove of the job she’s doing. One in 5, 21%, are undecided.

Harris’s unpopularity comes on the heels of a string of odd behavior, coupled with a total lack of leadership.

Firstly, it’s been very apparent that Americans have largely rejected the radicalism the Democrat Party has attempted to shove onto the American people. This is the woman who told us back in 2019 that she would make semi-automatic weapons illegal, effectively banning the most used type of gun in America and by and large, making guns illegal — save a few others. However, smart people understand that once semi-automatics are made illegal, it’s not long before those other types are as well.

This is the same Kamala Harris that, on November 1st of 2020, released a video promoting communism.


After the election, Harris was put in charge of the out-of-control border crisis and swiftly got to work doing absolutely nothing about it. Her first order of business was to travel, not to the border, but to Mexico and Guatemala to speak to their respective leaders about…planting trees. For months, Harris refused to visit the border she was put in charge of, even going so far as to roll her eyes when the press brought it up. She finally made her way to the border after former President Donald Trump set a date to go himself, and only to beat him down there to avoid the PR nightmare it would cause if he saw it before her. Even then, it was a politically safe trip that didn’t touch troubled areas.

Later, she would throw Customs and Border Patrol under the bus after the false story about them whipping migrants appeared in the mainstream media, and like other Democrats, condemned our own men and women trying to keep the border safe.

On top of doing a lot of nothing, Harris has been off-putting and unlikeable. She’s more known for laughing at the wrong moments and being just as incoherent as Biden at times than doing anything worthy of note. Even First Lady Jill Biden seems to be far more public-facing than Harris, which is revealing in itself.


But the bottom line is that the safety net they put in place, in case Biden is forced to step down, is going to bring the party from bad to worse. Harris may experience a bump when she’s first announced as President, especially as the fan-fair from the mainstream press will be all-encompassing to the point of intolerability, but in the end, Harris will still be Harris, and Harris does nothing.

The entire reason she was picked in the first place is that the radicals that now infest the Democrat Party’s base demanded a black woman be picked as Biden’s running mate, to which the DNC obliged. It didn’t seem to matter who, just that she checked the right identity boxes.

Harris was clearly the wrong person for the job, and many Democrats seem to forget they ditched her near the beginning of the Democrat primary. If, or when, she’s put in charge, there’s a very good chance they will remember soon after the fanfare of her elevation to President dies.


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