Not Even Biden Voters Want Him in Office Anymore

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Is there anyone who still likes President Joe Biden? According to the results of a recent poll, it appears there aren’t many who still think he’s performing his duties effectively. This, combined with the fact that his approval ratings remain in the toilet almost solidifies the reality that Democrats are set to lose big not only in the 2022 midterm elections but also in the presidential race in 2024.

Yahoo! News and YouGov published a study with some very interesting results regarding voters’ attitudes towards the president. It found that only 43 percent of Democrats want Biden to run again in 2024. Even worse, it showed only 38 percent of those who supported him in 2020 want to see him run for re-election. This includes 32 percent of black voters and 27 percent of Hispanics. Among independents, only 14 percent favored re-election Overall, only 22 percent of all respondents indicated they would like to see Biden make a 2024 run.

Interestingly enough, former President Donald Trump’s numbers aren’t that great overall. Only 27 percent of all respondents indicated they wanted him to run again in 2024. Among independents, this number was 23 percent. However, it is also important to note that 57 percent of those who voted for Trump last year and 62 percent of Republicans indicated they supported the idea of him running again in 2024. Trump has far more support among Republicans than Biden has among Democrats.

This doesn’t look so good for President Biden and his merry band of Democrats.

In fact, if the results of this poll are any indication, this could signal a far more dire situation for the left than just losing a few elections. It could portend a rapid and devastating decline for the Democratic Party and the left in general. At this point, it would take a miracle for the Democrats to maintain power over Congress and the White House over the next four years. The nation seems to be repudiating much of what the left has been selling and the odds that Republicans will make a resurgence are favorable.

While this is positive news for those on the right, it would be a mistake for conservative voters to rest on their laurels. This paradigm shift will mean nothing if we elect Republicans and so-called conservatives who have no intention of making the changes America needs to move forward. We already know there have been plenty of politicians calling themselves conservatives when, in reality, they are only seeking power, money, and clout.

It is not enough to ensure the GOP retakes control of the government. We must go further. We must ensure that the right people are in office. This is what the Tea Party was trying to accomplish and we must continue pushing for authentic conservatives to push the movement forward. Toppling Democrats will mean nothing if we still have establishment types and grifting clout chasers in power. We cannot afford to be pulled back to the pre-Trump area nor can we afford to push politicians who are big on rhetoric and charisma while lacking substance and policy.

The Democrats are well aware of their situation and many of their leaders have accepted they are going to take a vicious beating in 2022 and they are currently formulating ways to limit the damage. There can be no doubt they are also plotting to make a comeback. If there is one thing Democrats do right, it is focusing on long-term objectives rather than only looking at the short term.

Republicans would be wise to adopt this strategy as well. They need to focus on tangible solutions instead of only criticizing the left. GOP leadership must finally start pushing to expand the tent instead of repelling potential voters and allies. If they are smart, they will be using the Democrats’ eventual decline to push a conservative agenda and win over more Americans instead of simply returning to the status quo.

In the end, it is up to us to hold the GOP accountable. Instead of tuning out during the primary season, we must show up in full force and ensure that the squishy Republican types are voted out of office and replaced with genuine conservatives who truly want to make a difference. Conservative voters need to pay close attention to those running in the primaries to ensure we aren’t winning a pyrrhic victory in 2022 and 2024. The question is: How do we galvanize everyday conservatives to turn out during the primaries?


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