Morning Consult Poll Shows Blacks Are Not Feelin' Joe Biden After His Vaccine Mandate

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Morning Consult has released a poll showing that Biden Is less popular with Black voters after he issued his vaccine mandate.

I would beg to differ that he was ever popular with Black voters. The majority of those who did vote for him, voted for Kamala Harris.


Can’t imagine how much her ratings have dropped, but that’s a story for another day.

From National Review:

President Biden’s net approval rating among unvaccinated black voters has dropped a stunning 17 points since he announced plans to implement a federal vaccine mandate for companies with more than 100 people, according to a new Morning Consult poll.

Biden’s favor among black voters dropped substantially between an initial poll conducted between September 6 and 8 — just before Biden’s mandate announcement on September 9 — and a second poll taken between September 18 to 20 of more than 1,000 black voters.

The Morning Consult poll summary offered this warning:

The September erosion accounted for more than two-fifths of the decline in perceptions of Biden’s job performance to date among Black voters, providing a stark warning sign for Democrats ahead of next year’s midterms. While Black voters, who helped push Biden over the top against President Donald Trump in key states last year, are unlikely to abandon the Democratic Party en masse to back Republicans on the ballot next year, low turnout from the group could have dire consequences for Democrats in Congress, who already face an early enthusiasm gap.

Traditionally, Blacks have rarely shown up for the midterms unless there was a Black candidate on the ballot, so enthusiasm gap or no, you can expect the same for 2022. This vaccine mandate will guarantee an even greater attrition of voters from the Democrat side—not just Black ones.


The second poll revealed that 71 percent of black voters approve of Biden’s performance, down 5 points since the mandate. The share who disapprove rose 7 points to 24 percent. Thirty-seven percent said they strongly approve of his performance, while 14 percent said they strongly disapprove.

The president’s net approval rating — a measure of the share who approve his job performance minus the share who disapprove — has dropped 12 percent among black voters.

The vaccine mandate is just one, among a number of failed social experiments that the Biden administration is trying to force on Black people, and other minorities. We aren’t hearing a whole lot about that transgender athlete executive order, but don’t think it’s still not a problem. One of the areas where Blacks have been able to show their quality is through athletics. How many Black young girls are getting edged out of scholarships and opportunities because of transgender athletes?

Biden is also making Black unemployment worse:

The Morning Consult poll summary reinforced that Blacks are among that number of those who the legacy media loves to call, “vaccine hesitant”.


Among racial and ethnic demographics, Black Americans are the least likely to have received COVID-19 shots, something that’s been linked in part to social determinants in health care and institutional mistrust. The latest figures in Morning Consult’s tracking of vaccine sentiment found that 53 percent of Black adults have gotten the vaccine, the lowest share reported of any race or ethnicity.

Now Ole Jim Crow Joe is not only ruining employment for Blacks, but if someone is already employed, he’s threatening that livelihood with this vaccine push.

Not a good thing to mess with a Black person’s money. Or anyone else’s for that matter. But this is Joe Biden, and his “Build Back Better” agenda at work.

It’s not like Blacks were not warned, and not just from Republicans and conservatives. Biden is the man who told us if we didn’t know whether to vote for Trump or vote for him, that we weren’t Black. Biden is the Senator who gleefully pushed a bill that incarcerated our fathers, brothers, uncles, and cousins. Biden is the Judiciary Committee Chairman who oversaw the high-tech lynching of then-Judge Clarence Thomas. Biden is the idiot savant who spent over 40 years saying racist crap in public and insulting people’s intelligence, and Black Americans just laughed it off.


Remember that “Romney’s gone put ya’ll in chains” comment? It was Biden all the time—Psych your mind!

But Blacks voted for him anyway, because reasons.

Cue the tiny violins.


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