Here's Why Democrats Are Losing Hispanic Voters

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It seems that the Democratic Party’s grip on Hispanic voters is loosening up and members of this critical voting bloc are slipping through the party’s fingers. This gradual shift underscores the myriad of problems the left is facing as other demographics who were solidly in their camp are starting to reconsider their allegiance.


A study conducted by Catalist, a political firm working with Democratic candidates, showed that Hispanics swung in former President Donald Trump’s favor in 2020 more so than it did in 2016. Trump increased his support among Hispanics by eight points, which is a significant jump. There seems to be a growing sentiment among this group that the Democrats have been taking them for granted.

The Washington Examiner reported:

In a survey this year by Equis Research, a firm that specializes in research on the Latino electorate, key majorities in 11 battleground states agreed with the statement that “Democrats take Hispanics for granted. They want our votes but forget about us when it comes time to deliver.”

Fifty-four percent of all registered voters found the statement convincing, while 57% of middle-class voters agreed. It resonated most with voters for whom immigration was a top priority, at 69%.

In Virginia’s gubernatorial election in November, Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin scored a 12-point lead over Terry McAuliffe. “One year earlier, exit polls showed Trump’s share of the Latino vote from 2016 to 2020 grew by six points,’ according to the Examiner.

President Joe Biden’s numbers with Hispanics have been on the decline since he took office and it does not appear he has a plan to win them back. The Examiner also noted:

So far, President Joe Biden has failed to stanch the bleeding. While he easily won Hispanic voters in 2020, with 63% of the vote, polls taken in recent months show support for the president cratering to the low forties, at 43%, with a net disapproval rating of 46%.

And in a hypothetical face-off against Trump in 2024, Latino voters were evenly split, with 44% supporting Biden and 43% backing Trump, according to a new Wall Street Journal poll.


Sasha Tirador, a Democratic consultant in Florida, told the Examiner that the Democrats “can expect a good old-fashioned beatdown if they don’t get it together and acknowledge that the Hispanic trends in other states will mimic that of the Hispanics in Florida.”

The consultant also stressed that by ignoring conservative-leaning voters in South Florida, they are allowing the GOP to make inroads. “They aren’t ‘Latinos’ from California, they are ‘Hispanics’ from Florida,” she pointed out, noting that the same strategy that works for California Latinos is not as effective with those in Florida.

A survey conducted by the Democracy Fund Voter Study Group after the 2020 election indicated that over 70 percent of Hispanic voters prioritized jobs, the economy, and the COVID-19 pandemic as “very important” issues. These happen to be the issues on which the Democrats are failing the most, which is another indicator that they are in for a brutal shellacking in the upcoming midterm elections.

The Examiner noted:

Latinos said they had a negative outlook on the economy, with 63% believing it was headed in the wrong direction, compared to 25% who had a favorable view, a gap of 38 percentage points, according to the Wall Street Journal’s recent poll. They viewed Republicans as best prepared to handle economic issues, including inflation, and reining in the federal deficit. Border security issues also favored Biden’s opponents amid a surge in illegal migration into southern U.S. states.

It is also worth pointing out that the far-left progressive wing of the party is likely causing Hispanics to sour on the Democrats. The fact that many still refer to them as “Latinx” — despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of Latinos do not identify themselves that way — is proof positive that the left is growing even more out of touch with the voters they seek to court.


It seems that Hispanics, like most others, are seeing the many failures the Democrats have experienced and are losing faith in the party itself. It is not only Biden who will suffer because of this trend, but also other candidates seeking to retain their position or win new elections. Given the fact that the Democrats still have more than 10 more months to continue fouling everything up, it seems almost inevitable that Republicans would peel off more voters if they play the game wisely.


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