If the Democrats Thought the Sotomayor Dissent Would Rally Voters Around Biden, They're Gravely Mistaken

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Don't be fooled by the noise the media, the left, and even the President are making about Justice Sotomayor's dissent on the immunity case. While there is a lot of lights and sounds coming from them, it's all an attempt to mask the underlying issue. 

The Democrats are bleeding out. They're a wounded animal in a corner, and they're flailing and gnashing their teeth in an attempt to give themselves the hope that they can still win in November. At this juncture, I don't see how they can. Biden's debate performance was so awful that it was seen and heard around the globe. There's even worry that Biden's debate performance would embolden our enemies to begin acting on their own interests while they have time before Trump is elected. 

All this about a POTUS being given the power to commit crimes by SCOTUS is abject nonsense, and I'm more than a little convinced the Democrats know it. 

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My theory is that the real point behind was to incite fear within American voters of giving Donald Trump the reins of the Oval Office back, for fear he would just start using the military to kill people he didn't like. The hope is that people would start panicking and refuse to vote for Trump off the insane idea that he would so abuse his power that he'd become the kind of leader who would go after his enemies, the enemies of his political party, or target groups that his political party finds inconvenient. 

You know...kind of how Biden does. 

The Democrats' unofficial motto is "It's okay when we do it," but I digress. 

The scare tactic doesn't seem to be working on normal voters, but it has sent TDS sufferers, die-hard Democrats, and radical leftists alike spiraling into a frenzy of calls for the death of Trump and the destruction of the Supreme Court. Originally, the left attempted to make this idea of theirs apply to Trump, but what these leftists heard is "Joe Biden can now violently eliminate everyone the left doesn't like" and so now that's what they're calling for. 

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Case in point, here's actress Lea DeLaria sounding like every other cut-and-paste radical leftist and calling for Biden to take out Trump violently while declaring that Trump is Hitler and calling Clarence Thomas "Clarence Uncle Thomas." 

"Blow him up, or they'll blow us up," said DeLaria. 

I'm noticing a lot of these posts lately, and what's enraging is the fact that we probably won't see these people receive any visits from the FBI, but I guess they're too busy serving as the Democrat Party's enforcement arm to do that. 

But this is the kind of insanity the left currently represents and frankly, it's very off-putting. Watching the tolerant and inclusive left suddenly rip the mask off and advocate for killing Trump and the "they" DeLaria spoke of would be funny if so many people didn't think like her. The internet is filthy with people begging Biden to kill Americans they don't like right now because, thanks to Sotomayor's over-dramatic dissent, they truly think Biden has the power to do it. 

If you're a normal American, and you're watching that behavior, you're not going to suddenly shift your opinion on who you're voting for. In fact, it's this kind of thing that's going to push people further away from the Democrat Party. These people are clearly lunatics. Now, backed against the wall and with Trump on the verge of retaking the White House, these people are ripping off masks and lashing out with all their insanity on display. 

I'm not entirely sure what the Democrat Party's plan is at this point. I don't think even they know. It seems to be pulled in different directions by different people, and all attempts at consolidating it are falling flat. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out, but I don't think this will be the last move born out of desperation. 

Brace yourself. 



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