Democrats Rip the Mask off, Call for Violence After Thinking the SCOTUS Decisions Gave Them 'King Biden'

AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda

I have never and will never claim I'm the smartest guy in any given room I'm in. When it comes to political matters, I've had my fair share of misunderstandings, especially when it comes to reading political legalese...but man, did the Democrats prove that maybe I would be the smartest guy in any room full of Democrats I'd stumble into. 

Right now, as I write this, there are Democrats out there who believe that the decision concerning presidential immunity effectively gave President Joe Biden a scepter of absolute power to do what he will to stay in power, including utilizing the military to make it happen including and up to the murder of Donald Trump. 

No, I'm not kidding. They're outwardly saying that. 

As my colleague Susie Moore reported on Monday, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that "a former president has absolute immunity for his core constitutional powers. Further, former presidents are also entitled to at least a presumption of immunity for their official acts. However, there is no immunity for unofficial acts."

All well and good for Trump, but this means that the case is going to be kicked back down to the lower courts to decide what counts as "official" and "unofficial," but at this point, the January 6 prosecution is more or less neutered and someone needs to check on Jack Smith. 

But for some reason, this has caused many a Democrat and leftist to believe that this means a president can just do whatever he wants while in office, and he'll have immunity. In their minds, they just gave the POTUS kingly powers and their Democrat brain, feeling the thrill of absolute authority, began suggesting that his majesty Joe Biden should immediately utilize whatever powers he has at his disposal to either lock up Trump for terrorism or even drone strike him. 

Biden's Gen Z cheerleader Harry Sisson suggested utilizing Seal Team 6! 

Meanwhile, leftists on TikTok are having a completely normal one with one woman suggesting that Biden should go "full Monty" and not only ban the Supreme Court but "unalive" Donald Trump. 

To be clear, assassinating your political opponent, or destroying the Supreme Court through EO or violence, is not a part of a President's enumerated powers. Biden can't just go offing people he doesn't like or that are inconvenient to him under this SCOTUS ruling, and it's stupid to think so...but look at who we're talking about here. 

But the point I want to make here is that the Democrats have been harping on about how the villain Trump would utilize the military to take over the country and enact absolute rule, banning abortions, murdering LGBT people, and terminating the rights of anyone who isn't white and male. 

Yet these same people have turned around to seal clap over the idea of Biden utilizing the military to become a supreme dictator and murdering people the left doesn't like, securing his power in office, and God knows what else. 

Don't also let it get past you that if given the chance, these people will actively and openly call for violence against you and celebrate it happening. The same party that calls for tolerance and acceptance. The same party that believes they're the adults in the room. 

These people are as hypocritical as they are idiotic, and proof that the Democrat Party has become a radicalized mess. 



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