Sotomayor's Take on the Immunity Ruling Seems Too Ridiculous to Be Mere Hyperbole

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If I can put on my tinfoil hat for a moment...

A lot of the alarmism you're seeing from the left at the moment surrounding the immunity ruling by the Supreme Court stems from Justice Sonia Sotomayor's dissent, which states that the ruling means a president can pretty much commit any crime in office and get away with it. It's a stupid take from someone who sits on the highest court of the land. 

In fact, it's so stupid that I can't help but suspect it of being more than just a ridiculous statement from a judge who leans far enough left that she falls over from time to time. Judging by how fast the media, keyboard warriors, and even President Joe Biden took to echoing her statement, it all feels a little too coordinated. 

Allow me to elaborate. 

The decision regarding presidential immunity was about how the POTUS is protected under the law when dealing with core constitutional duties and operates under presumed immunity for official acts and without immunity when doing anything outside of that. As the President's duties are outlined in Article II, we can simply look through his list of duties to see that assassinating his own countrymen is not on his can-do list. Murder, even for a president, is still a crime. 

Yet, Sotomayor is pushing the idea that if a president wanted to, they could send Seal Team 6 to the home of a political rival to have him or her killed as an official act and suffer no consequences for it. 

This dissent was so bad and out of pocket that Justice Roberts retorted in his majority opinion about how ridiculous it is directly. 

But as I wrote earlier, the left has latched onto Sotomayor's little line there like a life raft. Even Biden repeated part of her dissent to cameras. As I covered on Monday, Jake Tapper couldn't stop fixating on it. 

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Biden repeated it himself for cameras, adding "end of quote" at the end for some reason. 

Sotomayor's take spread so far and wide that people are either panicking about the power Trump is about to have, or they're just ripping the mask off and advocating that Biden utilize his newfound kingly powers to eliminate both Trump and the Supreme Court violently and with prejudice. 

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It all feels a bit too orchestrated if you ask me.

I can't help but think Sotomayor's dissent was planned, and not necessarily by just her. This looks and sounds like the kind of hyperbolic nonsense you'd see from Democrat narrative creators who needed to have something new to give Americans to panic over regarding Trump. A new talking point to rally voters around, using fear and panic. 

The concept is too easily digestible, too easily transmitted via TikTok and news clips, and is the perfect red meat for podcasts. MSNBC and CNN can feast off it for weeks. Opinion writers thrive off of talking points like this, and opinion pieces have, and are, flying. 

It all reeks of premeditation. 

To be absolutely clear, I have zero proof that Sotomayor's dissent was cooked up by Democrat strategists and narrative specialists. I cannot declare with absolute certainty that this line about immunity for assassinations ordered by the president was dreamt up well beforehand. Maybe it wasn't. Maybe Sotomayor is just that ridiculous and hyperbolic, which is a boot that fits well on her. 

But I can't help but shake the feeling that what you're seeing is the new panic-inducing narrative that happily distracts from Biden's atrocious debate performance and gets people to stop talking about replacement. It gives voters another reason to fear a Trump presidency. 

This is all speculation, but it's not like we haven't seen this song and dance before. At some point, it stops being conspiracy theorizing and starts becoming pattern recognition. The Democrats needed a new distraction, a new reason to hate Trump, a new reason to cause panic and sew division, and here comes Sotomayor's dissent riding into the fray just in time like a heroic cavalry charge. 


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