'It's Okay When We Do It': The Left Continues to Demonstrate Its Unofficial Motto

AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus

Back in April, Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz appeared at the door of a family member related to the woman who runs the Twitter account “Libs of TikTok.” Lorenz doxxed the account owner with approval from editors at WaPo. The act was never condemned by the left. In fact, they defended her.

In May of this year, a far-left group called “Ruth Sent Us” doxxed six Supreme Court Justices after the overturning of Roe v Wade to the sound of silence from the legacy media. Despite the fact that an assassination attempt on Brett Kavanaugh was made, there wasn’t a lot of alarm from the left. Biden was silent about it.

On Thursday, Twitter CEO Elon Musk would suspend various Twitter accounts that doxxed his private jet and revealed his location on a constant basis. These suspensions came after a stalker dressed in black bloc followed the vehicle containing Musk’s son. The stalker jumped on the hood of the car, likely believing Musk was inside, but soon found himself on the receiving end of the doxxing himself after someone captured the man’s license plate. As I write this, many are accusing Musk of censorship for suspending the accounts tracking him for seven days.

These moments by the left would be bad enough but it gets worse when you add their absolute hypocrisy.

Lorenz unironically denounced doxxing and stalking herself just days before she had doxxed Libs of TikTok. Apparently, Lorenz having her information put out to the public is a grievous occurrence and awareness must be spread that doxxing reporters is not okay.

You can’t even say their names if they directly interfered in the proliferation of a major story that could have turned the tide of an entire nationwide election. Apparently, that’s considered doxxing to the left, and Musk releasing the names of the people who kept the Hunter Biden laptop story suppressed within Twitter is an egregious breach of privacy that endangered people.

You see the pattern here.

I’ve said for some time that the left’s unofficial motto is “It’s okay when we do it.” They can unleash violence, defy mask mandates, endanger lives, engage in obvious corruption, and be as racist and bigoted as they please. However, if any of their opponents exhibit anything close to what they do out in the open, there’s a wailing and gnashing of teeth. They scream and cry as they proclaim their victimhood and accuse those that they even perceive to stand against them as the evil of evils.

The left is currently holding hearings over what happened at the Capitol building on January 6. People are still being held in prison without trial and they’re trying to find ways to connect it to President Donald Trump. They constantly push this event as one of the most shameful moments in our nation’s history. Legacy media outlets can’t stop talking about it. They proclaim that this is the result of unchecked right-wing hate mobs, white supremacists, and Trumpism.

However, looking into the Capitol riot, you find that things weren’t as chaotic and destructive as they made it out to be. The only person who was killed that day was an unarmed woman, shot down by a trigger-happy guard. Yes, things were stolen and people ventured where they weren’t supposed to, but otherwise, the damage was light. There was no insurrection or attempt to upend the government. Most people who were there didn’t do much of anything except make a lot of noise and take pictures of themselves in official offices.

But this was one of the worst events to happen since the revolutionary war, apparently.

Yet, during presidential elections, leftist groups got together and rioted through streets, burning businesses, destroying property, assaulting and even killing people. The same leftist politicians that decried the January 6 riot remained either silent or supportive of these riots. The legacy media painted these people as the good guys and stood in front of burning buildings while using the term “peaceful.” They labeled the violent takeover of city blocks as “the summer of love.”

“It’s okay when we do it.”

The point here is simple: Never take the left’s claims of victimhood seriously. Never allow them to point a finger at you and make claims about your morality. Never apologize after they’ve called out your supposed wrongs.

The left is filled to overflowing with hypocrites that want you to feel shame simply so they can have a social advantage over you. Don’t buy it. It’s not okay when they do it.


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