Childless Disney Actress Gives Blisteringly Stupid Take About How Parents 'Overreach' When Raising Kids

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From the company that gave you another shoehorned-in LGBT reference comes advice from one of its actresses that you didn't ask for, didn't want, and will probably use as more justification as to why you should despise Disney. 


Tatiana Maslany, the woman who plays She-Hulk in "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law," had a message for parents at her Canada Walk of Fame ceremony. While she was there, Maslany had quite a bit of leftist drivel to tell a hungry press. She said both the Canadian and U.S. governments should stop funding Israel in order to stop their "genocide" as she said "free Palestine" while in tears, because of course. 

But while that's ridiculous enough, what I thought was even more ridiculous was what Maslany had to say about children, or more accurately, what she had to say about parents on how they should parent their children. 

According to her, children are knowledgeable about themselves enough to tell you what they identify as and that a parent trying to correct the child is "absurd" and an "overreach."

"It should not be the control of the parents whether a child — how a child identifies, how a child knows themself to be," said Maslany. "That isn't a parent's place. It's an overreach." "It's an overreach on the part of the provincial government to legislate that," she continued. "It's absurd! Children have rights, children are human beings who have knowledge and who know themselves, and we should be taking cues from them."


Maslany is full of undeserved hubris and should definitely stay out of the conversation about how parents should guide and shape their children, seeing as she has no children herself. If she does have children, I truly hope her mind is changed about this idea, as it sounds like she would be perfectly happy with leaving her children's upbringing to outside influences and state bodies, effectively putting her children in the position of being brainwashed, useful idiots like their mother. 

It's not an overreach for a parent to see to it that their child is raised realistically and with confidence in themselves, along with a moral compass. That is one of the main duties of a parent. It's not an overreach to tell a child they're not a girl when they were born a boy, just as it's not an overreach to tell them that they aren't actually a T. rex, despite all the fun they have pretending to be one. We don't go on attempting to make them truly believe they are one. 


But I want to highlight something that I think often goes overlooked about these kinds of arguments from celebrities with copy/paste opinions about kids having the cognitive agency to make these decisions. 

Has anyone else noticed that the argument that kids are knowledgeable enough to decide for themselves about their gender or sexuality are the same arguments that pedophiles make to justify having relationships with children? 

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I feel like that shouldn't be lost on anyone. 


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