Disney's 'She-Hulk' Writers Wanted to Make a Show Tackling Sex That Kids Could Watch

Today’s obsession from various groups on the left with bringing sex up around children has gotten so bad that they’re now openly admitting it’s a goal around any given project.


With the writers of the Disney/Marvel “She-Hulk” series, they admit to wanting to make a show that kids could tune in to watch while the characters talk about sex lives and hooking up. Effectively, the writers attempted to create a show that mixes superheroes with “Sex and the City.”

According to Bounding Into Comics, the writers admitted to wondering just how far they could go with talk about sex, with one of the actresses encouraging it to go farther and farther:

“So it was our job to keep having the conversation,” she said. “We wanted to say, Look, she’s a woman in her 30s navigating modern life; sex is a part of that story, and [ask] how far could we go.”

“I know it’s something that’s very important to [star Tatiana Maslany], this idea of sex positivity and kind of smashing the rules when it comes to women and the way that they’re perceived,” Coiro added. “A lot of the conversations about sexualization in the show came from Tatiana, and were with Tatiana.”

To this end, the director concluded that the team “wanted to make it realistic, and about a woman navigating sex, but also make it something that everybody can enjoy, including children, because there is an element of the show that is really fun for young people.”

Yes, superheroes are fun for young people, but a giant green woman doesn’t make for a kid’s show any more than Game of Thrones makes for a good kid’s show because they have knights with swords and armor. “She-Hulk” was hardly a superhero show as it was, seeing as how the writers self-inserted their own situations into the script and left out a good deal of action. Even the courtroom scenes weren’t courtroom scenes because the writer’s admitted they had no idea how courtroom scenes should work.


The entire show effectively consisted of bitter women writing about their sad sex lives and hating on men, the very people they were trying to have sex with.

And somehow, this was supposed to be for kids too.

This real story is that they wanted to create a show that scratched the writer’s own itches. They wanted to complain about dating at that stage of their lives while being a career woman while also lashing out against the men they’d imbittered themselves against. The excuse that this is also a family show is an attempt to cheaply broaden the audience.

The way to broaden the audience would have been to make a superhero show that was actually good. “She-Hulk” had no real storyline, no real character developments, and was pretty divisive. A show about trying to have a sex life would have likely bored kids to tears more than anything, but the fact that they wanted kids to absorb the content just to pad their ratings is pretty gross.

Nothing about this show is good and it’s one more sign that Disney has fallen into the gutter with the rest of today’s modern trash.


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