Ted Cruz Shows How the Left Is Willing to Sacrifice You on the Altar of Its Radical Ideology

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On the list of things Democrats care about, you're very low on it. You, reading this now, no matter who you are, what race or gender you belong to, or what profession you might have. You might be useful at the moment. You might be the toast of the town, but soon you'll outlive your usefulness and you will be discarded. If you become inconvenient, you may even become attacked by the Democrat media machine. 


This has been seen repeatedly. Over and over again. I've written about it myself on more than one occasion. Even Democrats aren't safe from Democrats once they've outlived their usefulness. 

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But this latest video from a judicial hearing featuring Texas Senator Ted Cruz should truly put into perspective just how dangerous the Democrats are willing to get in order to have their own way, and truly show you how much they care about the people they say they do. 

In this case, it's about women. Democrats love to call themselves the "party of women," but after watching this clip it can't be more clear that this is a false claim. 

United States Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn sat in front of Cruz and his colleagues on Wednesday. She's been nominated for a seat on the District Court for the Southern District of New York and was giving her testimony to the Judiciary Committee. 

Cruz, having reviewed her record, noticed that Netburn seems far more concerned about her leftist agenda and ideology taking the lead in her rulings than common sense. This resulted in horrifying results as you'll see Cruz lay out in the video below. 


For those who can't watch the video, Cruz spends time laying into Netburn for her decision to allow a biological man into a female prison after he was charged with the rape of more than one minor, including a 9-year-old boy, and all because he simply identified as a woman. 

Despite Netburn's attempts to dodge Cruz's repeated questions about her personal opinion's on the case, Cruz made it very clear that this was the ultimate result of Netburn's radical leftism. 

“This individual, six-foot-two, biologically a man, a minute ago, you said that when this man decided that he was a she, you said this individual was — I wrote it down — ‘sober and entirely a female,’” Cruz said. “That phrase struck me as remarkable, did this individual have male genitalia?”

Netburn replied that he was "hormonally female," despite his biological gender being male. 

“So you took a six-foot-two serial rapist, serial child rapist, with male genitalia, and he said ‘You know, I’d like to be in a women’s prison,” Cruz responded. “And your answer was, ‘That sounds great to me.’”

Cruz continued to lay into Netburn over her decision to endanger women thanks to her ideology and finished very bluntly. 

"I think you're a radical and I think you have no business being a judge," said Cruz. 

This is just one example of the myriad of examples of how the left doesn't actually care about you. What it cares about is its agenda. What it cares about is power. It holds its ideology above everything, including your safety. 

This is a perfect demonstration as to why the left has to be removed from power. The Democrat Party has drifted so far left that even Democrat voters can't seem to identify with what it's become anymore. 

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They are willing to put you and your family in danger. Looking around at the state of things, including the open border and rising crime rates, you are in danger. 

This cannot continue. 

Every election season, you hear some variation of "This is the most important election in our lifetime," but given the state of things and the kind of people the Democrats are willing to put into power, I don't see how this isn't true. There is something seriously wrong with the Democrat Party, and it has to be removed. 

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