The Reaction to Mesha Mainor's Party Swap Shows You How the Democrat Party Truly Looks at Black People

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Just last week, Georgia Democrat Rep. Mesha Mainor decided to become Georgia Republican Rep. Mesha Mainor after it was clear that the leftists in her party had lost the plot on what it is to be a responsible elected representative of the people.

As reported by Sister Toldjah, the District 56 rep had been consistently attacked and berated by her Democrat colleagues for not meeting the radical requirements she needed to. The line for her happened when her own party came down on her for not wanting to defund the police and leave minority communities vulnerable in the process. She called leaving the party a “moral” decision:

“When I decided to stand up on behalf of disadvantaged children in support of school choice, my Democrat colleagues didn’t stand by me,” Mainor explained of her decision in a statement to Fox News Digital. “They crucified me. When I decided to stand up in support of safe communities and refused to support efforts to defund the police, they didn’t back me. They abandoned me.”

“For far too long, the Democrat Party has gotten away with using and abusing the black community,” she added. “For decades, the Democrat Party has received the support of more than 90% of the black community. And what do we have to show for it? I represent a solidly blue district in the city of Atlanta. This isn’t a political decision for me. It’s a moral one.”

Upon renouncing the Democrats and embracing the Republican Party, she sent out a tweet saying something very poignant.

“I will NEVER apologize for being a black woman with a mind of my own,” Mainor tweeted.

The Democrat Party, respecting her decision, wished her the best of luck and hoped that they could find more common ground in the future…is what I would say if the Democrat Party wasn’t a suicide cult incapable of seeing common sense or rational thought.

The hate that came Mainor’s way can be called nothing short of grotesque. Hateful accusations and labels were thrown her way, including one that Mainor posted publicly. A tweet that says “Dear Democrat, Sorry you feel this way,” included a screenshot of a message Mainor received that includes some heinous language.

I would like to help your retarded black as by telling you. That saying you would support any candidate picked by the GOP during the primary is retarded. Not only is is retarded you live up to the word n****r by just following blindly. Remember you were a Democrat and “felt abandoned” to become a Republican, and now you’re going to follow blindly like you did with your party. You’re the stain on society that needs to be flushed. I wish you the absolute worst in your political history. You Uncle Tom b****.

Mainor posted another message she received that read along the same vein, including some “n-bombs” and another reference to Aunt Jemima.

Mainor posted more on her Twitter, some of them telling her to kill herself, more “n-word” use, and one even labeling her a “MAGA slave” serving her “master” Donald Trump. Also, something about being a “hippo monkey,” which is definitely a new one. The same person also said she needed to be put into a camp so they can “de-n*****rfy” her.

While this kind of behavior is inexcusable, it’s not exactly shocking. In fact, this is expected and pretty par for the Democrat course. This doesn’t make it okay in the least, but no one should be the least bit surprised that the party that labels itself as the party that protects minorities and women is the party that attacks both with every label and word they accuse the right of viewing them as.

So bad is the reaction to a black person practicing independent thought and resisting the Democrat’s narratives and agendas that even black politicians will be accused of white supremacy by elected Democrat politicians. Byron Donalds can tell you all about that.

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The point is one that can’t be overstated. The Democrats don’t actually care about black people, they care about how useful black people are. The moment that usefulness stops, that supposed protective umbrella they carry for you gets ripped away and you’re subjected to the realities of Democrat Party “love.”

Yeah, the Democrat Party is the party that protects minorities, women, LGBT, and even scientists…it protects them from Democrats. The moment the Democrats declare it’s open season on anyone who steps out of line, that protection goes away and the attacks begin. It’s no different from a mafia “protection” racket.

In truth, the Democrats are demonstrably bad for black communities which keep them vulnerable to crime and relegated to poverty.

You’re fine so long as you keep quiet about it and obey, but try thinking for yourself and eventually, the Democrat machine will turn on you. It’s only a matter of time.



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