New RNC Ad Shows That the Democrats Were Anti-Vax Before They Were a Vax Cult

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

A new ad out of the Republican National Committee highlights just how against it the Democrats were when it came to the vaccine — before they became so for it that it borders on cult-like.


As you can see in the video below, various political figures such as Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and President Joe Biden himself all question whether Trump’s vaccine is safe to take.

They all spout a bunch of talk about precautions surrounding the vaccine, not trusting the federal government, and needing more than just the FDA and the CDC’s approval before they’ll feel safe getting the jab. It’s all summed up with the final quote coming from then Presidential candidate Kamala Harris:

“But if Donald Trump tells us it’s safe, then I’m not taking it.”

The fact that Democrats were against the vaccine before they were for it isn’t exactly unknown, but as the left continues to buckle down on their stance that it’s the greatest thing that humanity has ever invented, it’s good to wheel this information out in front of the public.



Because if there’s one thing that we can learn from this kind of stuff, it’s the Democrats hardly care about whatever it is they say they care about, and that the more they say they care about something, the more likely that they wouldn’t urinate on it if it was on fire. The current state of America is proof of this.

The truth is, it was never about the vaccine. When the vaccine was just getting its start, it was a plan that was being concocted under the Trump administration. The left only accepted one course of action at the time, and that was if Trump was for it, then they had to be against it. No exceptions. Trump could have said that the care of puppies is a core American value, and the left would have taken the position that puppies were disgusting creatures who deserved to be eliminated.

There’s a Fauci joke in there somewhere.

So it was that when it came to the vaccine, the left took the most anti-Trump stance they could and suggested that the vaccine was pure poison. Then Joe Biden somehow won the 2020 election and the left now had control of this vaccine that they had previously said no one should take.


They couldn’t slam it into reverse fast enough.

Now you have the cult of vax that is so hardcore about their belief that President Biden is willing to cause massive harm to our country to mandate that everyone take it. It’s quite the reversal when you think about it.

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The one thing Democrats care about is power. They’ll do whatever is necessary to get it and if it requires them to say the sky is blue one day and then claim it’s green the next with zero shame then so be it. No matter what, their media goons will echo whatever narrative they’re told to and it will drag the gullible and the uninformed alike down into a hole of misinformation and lies.


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