Democrat Politicians Care About One Thing and It's Not You

Democrat Politicians Care About One Thing and It's Not You
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President Joe Biden is on the chopping block and it’s not Republicans or voters that are leading him there, it’s Democrats.

The clear theme that’s been developing over the course of the past months is that Biden has become something of a detriment to the Democrat party and you can see how the said party is beginning to shove Biden out. They’re placing all of the troubles the Democrats have caused squarely on his shoulders, and with midterms coming up, it seems that the play is to divert all the ire to him and then cut him loose.

As Tucker Carlson pointed out, the Democrat Party is like a pack of wild dogs, and the moment one of the dogs begins to flag and slow down the pack, they kill it.

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While Democrats may not go that far, they’re certainly intent on killing Biden’s career. It’s eye-opening for those who aren’t up on what the Democrat Party is about. As we discussed quite a bit Wednesday on RedState LIVE!, the Party has no heroes. It has no unassailable sacred cows. It has one concern and one concern only.

Democrats often call themselves the “party of” things.

They’re the party of the working man. The party of minorities. The party of science. The party of acceptance.

They lay claim over groups or concepts, but in truth, they have no real loyalty to anyone or anything. Their only concern is power. That’s it. Full stop.

All that nonsense about how Biden was the only one who could lead the country to a better future, all the building him up as an experienced hero has suddenly flown out the door. The only reason they said any of that was because Biden was useful to them at the moment. Now, with his usefulness run out, they’re more than happy to discard him like a used tissue.

Biden isn’t their only victim. Democrats loved to pretend they’re the party of women, yet they’ve stood back and allowed men who claim they’re women to shove them out of their rightful positions. Women must either accept that transgendered individuals are whoever they say they are and must be allowed to enter women’s spaces or be made into a pariah. Feminism, once one of the largest driving forces behind the Democrat Party, has now been told to sit down and be quiet.

Minorities that step out of line will suddenly find themselves outside of the umbrella of Democrat protection. Democrats love to virtue signal about their care for minorities who have it worse off such as those across the border looking to make their way here. They refuse to do much of anything about our porous southern border and become angry at those who even try to do anything about it.

But if those immigrants they care so much about are guaranteed to vote Republican once they get here, then those immigrants must stay in their country of origin. In fact, it was the Biden administration’s policy that Cubans, in particular, needed to be turned away at the border. They are not allowed in.

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The only thing they are the “party of” is power. They’ll do and say whatever they need to in order to achieve it. People that they considered the most important people in society will suddenly find themselves outcasts once their usefulness has run out. It has no friends, it has no principles. It only has a desire to rule.

Vote accordingly.

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