New Swing State Polling Is Catastrophic for Biden, and the Left-Wing Counter Is Incredible

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After getting smoked by the polls in 2022, I try to limit how much stock I put into them. With that said, it's impossible to ignore the continuous avalanche of bad news on that front for Joe Biden, and that's especially true when you consider all the swing state polling. 


On Thursday, Cook Political released its long-awaited first look at the states that will decide the election. To put it lightly, the results are catastrophic for Biden. 

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Donald Trump leads the incumbent president in every swing state but Wisconsin, where the survey found the two men tied. Further, the inclusion of Robert Kennedy Jr. in the mix does nothing to help Biden. Perhaps the most shocking result is Trump being up so much in Nevada. That's a state a Republican presidential candidate hasn't won since 2004. 

This poll isn't an outlier either. Four of the last six polls taken in Nevada show Trump leading outside the margin of error, with the other two showing Trump up one and tied. How durable that lead will be once the Democrat machine in Clark County gets involved, I can't say, but clearly, a major political shift has occurred. 

At least as of today, Trump is not pinning his hopes on a narrow path. The map has expanded to the point where he doesn't have to win every swing state, and that's horrible news for the current administration.


So what's the big plan to change Biden's fortunes? Telling Americans they are stupid, of course. 

As I explained to Brian Stelter on Wednesday, most voters have no interest in technical economic definitions when they can't afford groceries due to inflation and home ownership is a pipedream because of high interest rates. 

You'd think Democrats and their press allies would try to shift their messaging. Instead, they seem content on continuing to beat their heads against the wall by continuing to lecture voters on how great the economy supposedly is. It's a strategy, I guess. Let's see how it works out for them. 


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