The Problem With Pronouns Is the Same Problem With Hostage Situations

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On Monday, I reported on the rant heard 'round the world, as Az of the YouTube channel HeelvsBabyface unleashed his fury on Starfield, the highly anticipated Bethesda open-world video game, after it asked him for his pronouns. 

The virality of the rant sent people to their respective corners to argue for or against Az, with many who disagreed with him, either mocking him or dismissing his worries as evil bigotry or overblown concern.

Naturally, I waded into the argument myself, taking up a defense of Az's position on the basis that this is another current-year political intrusion into our escapism and that we have every right to be angry about it. 

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Watch the rant yourself, but be aware of the language warning. 

What people miss about the pronoun problem is that while some people find it harmless and a benign form of self-expression, what it really is is a gateway drug into a highly destructive ideology. This ideology literally helps no one except activist groups and authoritarian political parties. 

As I covered during my livestream on Rumble, gender dysphoria might be a mental illness but "transgenderism" and "gender ambiguity" is a political sickness that creates division that can then be used to create loyalty to a cause or political group. 

When it infects everything, including the places you go to get away from it all, it can be infuriating. You're being forced to take part in a political practice you don't believe in and probably even have some serious problems with. Transgenderism is one of those things that people are increasingly sick of because it's a socially dictatorial concept. 

Either you submit to the normalization of a destructive concept or be branded a hateful bigot and turned into a social pariah. Speaking out against it or venting your frustration with being forced to partake in it, makes you a horrible person in mainstream settings. 

It's not a fair characterization, but that's how this works. Just participate in people's gender-based delusions and nobody gets hurt. It's a mainstream hostage situation, and people have every right to get mad about it. 

It's not only the threat of social rejection, but those who engage in pronouns also try to force these behaviors on a personal level by threatening their own lives. One of the backbones of the pronoun movements is that not using pronouns can "trigger" suicidal thoughts, putting the onus of keeping the gender confused alive on the person they're having a social interaction with. 

So not only are we being held hostage, but the pronoun user is holding themselves hostage too. Not using their pronouns could potentially mean blood on your hands, according to mainstream culture. It's one of the big reasons you're considered an awful person for not using delusional pronouns. 

At this point, the "no big deal" that is pronoun usage becomes an unwanted and unasked-for pressure that could result in ostracization and the death of others...apparently. 

This isn't just something we should shrug at and go along with. If pronouns are coming with threats, then they aren't nothing. They're not "no big deal." They're a socially authoritarian concept that allows everyone from the mentally unstable to the attention-starved to control everyone and everything around them. 

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You have to self-censor your speech and adjust your very thinking, so that the idea of these dictatorial concepts is normalized for you and the rest of society. 

So yeah, Az had every right to be angry about the pronoun concept being shoved in his face, and everyone had very good reasons to agree with him. People think Az and those who agree with him are mad about their shoes getting wet, while we're all clearly pointing at a destructive flood consuming everything. 

It's an issue that needs to be called out and continuously so. People shouldn't self-censor about the subject, and it needs to be ranted about more. If anything, this political sickness is going to destroy more lives than pointing out the truth ever will. The faster the public rejects the normalization of pronouns, the fewer people (especially the young) will be seduced by it and the more lives can be saved. 

And for the sake of all that's good, let people enjoy their escapism without current-year politics infiltrating and infecting it. 

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