Transgender People Are Not Under Threat and Their Movement Is the Height of Narcissism

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Just days after a woman who identifies as transgender walked into a Nashville Christian school and killed six people, including three children, transgender activists stormed the Tennessee Capitol chanting phrases like “no action, no peace.”


(WATCH: Left-Wing Protesters Storm TN Capitol, Insurrection Reaches the Legislative Chamber)

To add to the absurdity as well as the insult, these trans protesters held a “die-in” in the lobby to illustrate the violence and death experienced by the trans community all over the country. Again, there are three dead children currently being wept over by their loving families thanks to a transgender person.

Here’s the truth: Transgender people aren’t being murdered at some overwhelming rate. That is sensationalized nonsense from a media attempting to pass off a narrative. Right now if you were to google anything about transgender murders, you’ll see a slew of mainstream news organizations talking about record deaths for the trans community.

Yet, they like to be very vague about the details.

According to statistics, transgender people do indeed get murdered but very few are murdered as a result of a hate crime. Generally, they’re murdered for the same reasons many other groups get murdered, including the wrong time and place, drugs, alcohol, and crimes of passion.

In fact, in 2021 only two murders of transgender people were being investigated as a hate crime out of the 44 transgender deaths that year as listed by the Human Rights Campaign itself. The Human Rights Campaign admitted that up to 74 percent of the transgender murders that took place since 2013 were committed by a friend or intimate partner.


While the transgender population is small, even the amount of transgender people who were murdered only amounts to a fraction of a fraction. According to the Williams Institute at UCLA, 1.6 million adults and youth identify as “transgender.” According to Human Rights Campaign, 32 transgender people were killed in the United States in 2022.

If you consider the numbers, the transgender people murdered in the United States equals out to .002 percent of the population, making them one of the least murdered people in the country.

But wait! There’s more!

According to a report from analysts in the UK that tracked their violent crime, the numbers taken between 2007 and 2017 found that transgender people were 58 percent more likely to murder than be murdered.

Are transgender people being murdered? Absolutely, and it’s usually by their own hand. According to the National Library of Medicine, 82 percent of transgender individuals consider killing themselves, and of those, 40 percent have tried to kill themselves. That statistic gets higher the younger the transgender person is.

The only people truly coming for the trans community is the trans community.

This idea that America is just so bigoted that we’re putting together hunting parties to find transgender people to assault and kill in the street isn’t just absurd, it’s a demonstrable lie. Moreover, it’s being pushed by people who have absolutely no interest in making for a more peaceful world. These numbers are being pushed by activists who want control.


What we’re seeing with things like the “Trans Day of Visibility,” and “die-ins” is the result of brainwashing and narcissism. These people are literally siding with terrorists who kill children to push the idea that the reason those innocent people died was that we’re not supporting transgender people in their delusions enough.

In other words, their message is “give us what we want or we will murder you.”

These aren’t the good guys. These activists are liars who self-victimize themselves with shameless and obvious falsehoods to exert some sort of power over the people. They want to feel like they’re on the right side of history and fighting for some sort of human rights crusade, but all they are are domestic terrorists demonically killing children and demanding you kneel before them.


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