SURPRISE! The Director and Production Company Behind the Insulting Gillette Ad are Man Hating Radical Feminists

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If you thought Gillette’s highly unpopular ad was an insulting strike at men and a nod to every radical feminist buzzword and male stereotype then you’ll be shocked to know that the director behind the ad is as ridiculously woke as her commercial.


According to the Daily Mail, the director is Kim Gehrig, famous for creating feminist style ads that always have a social justice bent:

Kim Gehrig, the director of the new ad, is an Australian mother-of-two who lives in London, England, and has a lengthy history of taking aim at social ills through her work.

Gehrig’s work began with a video called “You Think You’re a Man” which was created to counter Australia’s rising steroid abuse, but instead of taking aim at the causes behind it such as unemployment or depression, Gehrig made the villains out to be men who bully each other and their children.

Before that, she made an ad called “Womankind,” an ad she made for a women’s lingerie company where she superimposed messages that women have been suppressed and put on show over images of women’s breasts being hoisted up and pulled together, implying that women are just showpieces and it’s time for that to stop.

She won an award for the ad, and told Muse that the ad was about “Not just accepting what has gone before, often for the male gaze, but thinking about what is right for them now. It is about being kind to their bodies, particularly their boobs.”


The Daily Mail reported that Proctor and Gamble’s hiring of Gehrig was an act of activism in itself as they were looking to hire someone non-white and non-male. This lead to Gehrig who is in bed with production company “Somesuch,” famous for previously insulting feminist ads you’ve seen before:

The commission for Gehrig was itself consciously social activism on the part of P&G, who found her through Free the Bid, a non-profit which tries to raise the profile of female and non-white advertising directors.

Somesuch’s portfolio shows that it shares Gehrig’s socially active approach, with notable campaigns that include Audi’s feminist 2017 Super Bowl commercial and an ad for feminine hygiene brand Libresse – which is sold as Bodyform in the UK – that offered a no-holds barred look at menstruation – including shots of blood and period sex.

If you don’t recall the feminist tripe that was Audi’s 2017 Super Bowl ad, it was called “Daughter,” and was a voiceover of a father lamenting that his daughter has less value because she’s a woman, and men have all the power and money.

Somesuch’s head, Sally Cambell, is herself a radical feminist who is also no fan of Donald Trump.


With all of this in mind, the Gillette ad now makes far more sense. While P&G did its fair share of research to see what concepts are important to men, they handed their research over to a production company famous for radical feminist messaging, which was handled by a director who consistently paints women as victims due to the machinations of men.

The message was skewed and bastardized by social justice messaging from a group of social justice warriors P&G hired in an attempt to look like a progressive company, and this is why the Gillette commercial is the garbage fire that it is.

P&G will run this radical feminist ad during the Supre Bowl.


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