Jake Tapper Disapproves of...Jake Tapper, by Covering Trivial News Items About Trump During a Pandemic

Jake Tapper Disapproves of...Jake Tapper, by Covering Trivial News Items About Trump During a Pandemic
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By his own standard, Jake is a disappointment to himself.

One day. That was all it took for the quickly unraveling Jake Tapper to completely invalidate his own outrage. This is a news story less about the ‘’What/Where/When’’, and entirely about the ‘’Who’’. (We already know about the ‘’Why’’ aspect, as Tapper has reached Stelter-levels of derangement in the past few weeks.)

On Monday, Jake had an intemperate response to some activity on Twitter by President Trump. Mark Levin had some critical words he leveled at Tapper about his appearance on Sunday’s broadcast of Reliable Sources. The President retweeted Levin’s words, and this did not sit well with CNN’s esteemed on-air personality.

Something in the air ducts at CNN headquarters in Atlanta must create a skin condition causing their reporters to develop a dermal breakdown making it a brittle shale so thin it becomes translucent. This reaction to a retweet is only slightly imbalanced but shows how Jake cannot tolerate any reproach from the man for whom he holds such disdain. Suggesting Trump should be dedicating all the time he spent on a retweet towards dealing with the pandemic is a wan critique; just think of the progress that could have been made in the moments wasted reading two sentences and then hitting a tab.

Then, in little over 24 hours, Jake had a report he introduced on the show The Lead, where Kate Bennett detailed some gripping, BREAKING, hard-hitting journalism — The President, at home in his West Palm Beach retreat Mar A Lago — was allegedly ‘’Grumpy’’.

It is claimed that the President is not thrilled with some of the renovations the First Lady has made on the residence, with Trump possibly appearing dismayed by the decor. The overall assessment of the President’s condition? ‘’It’s been a weird vibe’’, Bennett discloses in her trenchant report.

If you feel this is a ridiculously trivial piece of journalism, it gets better…that is, it gets even more asinine. Note my use of ‘’allegedly’’, ‘’claimed’’, and ‘’possibly’’; this is because this deeply probing report from Bennett is based on anonymous sources. Trump being ‘’grumpy’’ about furnishings comes from ‘’someone’’, and that weird vibe was described by ‘’one source’’. Even with the most mundane of stories, it seems CNN resorts to this base level of journalism.

Bennett then closes out her segment by taking this content-free news story lower, by managing to completely invalidate her own report. After revealing this exposé on the President’s condition over the drapes she states, ‘’No one really knows what he’s thinking.’’ Well, thank you for that Kate — after declaring the grievous condition of the President’s mindset it turns out her random sources are actually clueless as to what he is pondering.

Normally these balloon juice stories are described as A Bombshell.

But the funniest aspect is that it is Jake Tapper of all people, who is delivering this ‘’Hollywood Extra’’-level of non-news, immediately after he criticized the President over what is considered valid use of media during a pandemic. Is CNN’s senior anchor aiding the public, lending assistance, or delivering needed intel on the viral outbreak? Hardly.

Consider just how long the President spent on the aforementioned retweet that drew ire from Tapper; reading and hitting the RT tab would take at most 5 seconds. Jake just delivered a completely empty and merit-free news item for nearly two and a half minutes.

One is tempted to deliver a snarky ‘’Nice work, everyone’’ retort here, but this report is about the farthest we can get from journalists doing work.

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