Jake Tapper Throws a Fit, Claims President Is Tweeting Mean Things About Him

Jake Tapper Throws a Fit, Claims President Is Tweeting Mean Things About Him
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There are a lot of people who’ve been exposed by their hatred of President Donald Trump and CNN’s Jake Tapper is one of them.

Tapper threw a bit of fit, saying that the president was retweeting “mean tweets” about him when Trump retweeted a post from Mark Levin.

First, let’s look at what is in that tweet that Tapper doesn’t mention but unintentionally has highlighted. Project Veritas exposed that CNN was trying to bury the Hunter Biden scandal and favoring Joe Biden over Donald Trump during the campaign. Hunter Biden is now being investigated over the issues that CNN refused to cover. So, seriously, Tapper shouldn’t be talking about a retweet from the president when CNN has been spreading so much nonsense that has hurt Trump and America for the past four years.

Second, so Trump can’t even retweet something but CNN and Tapper can tweet and ‘report’ all kinds of calumny against the president and his team? He called Kayleigh McEnany a liar without evidence and refused to book her on his show. He even went so far as to repeatedly call the president’s children his “spawn.” Earlier this month, he lit into Trump in a crazy rant that ripped off the mask of any objectivity. Some professional journalist.

Third, what is it about CNN that makes them all narcissistic? Everything is about them. Is he completely lacking in self-awareness? He’s tweeting about himself and someone being mean to him “during the deadliest month of the pandemic.” Perhaps he could do his job and actually report the news?

Tapper could, for example, report more about how Trump achieved the vaccines with historic speed — the fastest ever — and is even now shipping them out across the country. Trump is doing that while Tapper is tweeting and whining.

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