CNN's Jake Tapper Accidentally Previews Media's New Biden Defense Strategy, and It Is Pathetic

I reported yesterday on how Joe Biden’s calls for unity and healing were already self-destructing thanks in no small part to a recent Glamour magazine interview done by his campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon in which she called Republicans “a bunch of f**kers.”


Understandably, O’Malley Dillon’s comments made waves in Republican circles, not because of hurt feelings or anything like that, because Republicans have certainly been called worse by Democrats including Biden himself over the years. Instead, her remarks were viewed as a confirmation of what Republicans have said over the last month about how in reality Democrats (and their media allies) have no real interest in any post-election “unity and healing”, despite their numerous impassioned claims to the contrary.

Not surprisingly, CNN’s Jake Tapper – who completely ripped off the “objective” mask the moment his network projected Biden to be the election winner — demonstrated once again that there is nothing he won’t say and do to mask the legitimate issues Republicans bring to light about the hollow and empty rhetoric coming from Democrats.

Tapper’s sizzling hot take in response to the backlash over O’Malley Dillon’s swipe was to proclaim it was “stunning hypocrisy” coming from “folks who were silent for years about vulgarities and smears”:

Except, as I pointed out earlier, this is not about hurt feelings about being insulted, because we’re used to that. It’s about the Biden campaign saying the quiet part out loud about how the whole “unity and healing” talking point is just that and nothing more. If Democrats don’t really mean it — and we all know they never did — then Republicans in the House and Senate should feel no obligation to extend any type of olive branch in turn (though some, unfortunately, will).


Tapper was immediately called out by people who remember his own four-year “New Tone” campaign against the Trump administration, and how it’s Tapper himself who has proved to be a massive hypocrite:

While Tapper often acted as an apologist for Democrats prior to the election, his post-election transformation into a complete lapdog for the Biden-Harris campaign has been quite remarkable. It also proves the point that not only is CNN not a news organization but that they will be leading contenders for the coveted role of unofficial state-run TV “news” outlet under a Biden-Harris administration.


That is something Tapper and his equally biased colleagues will wear like a badge of honor in the coming months as they play predictable “whataboutism” games with Republicans every time they raise legit issues about their political opposition.

As I’ve noted before, Jake Tapper is proving the old adage true about how you can take a person out of their element, but you can’t take the element out of the person. In this case, you can take Tapper out of being a former writer for the radically left-wing Salon magazine and out of once being a spokesman for a former Democratic Congresswoman, but you can’t take the radical, angry, duplicitous leftist out of Jake Tapper.

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