Douglas Murray Leaves Piers Morgan Speechless, Delivers a Chilling Warning to the West

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If you aren't familiar with Douglas Murray, you will be soon. In the wake of the Hamas invasion of Israel which has now led to a prolonged conflict in Gaza, the author and journalist has emerged as a rare voice of clarity. 


Specifically, Murray has not held back in critiquing the threats to Western civilization that have become entrenched over the years, and while his domain is primarily Europe and the United Kingdom, his warnings extend to the United States. As RedState reported, recent violent protests in New York City resembled something you'd see in a third-world Middle Eastern country, with masked men kicking in doors and tearing down American flags. 

One of the primary things Murray has spoken out about is the idea that most of the protesters involved aren't pro-Hamas. Piers Morgan tried that line on him, and the journalist was ready to go with a response. It's not often you see Morgan, one of the world's foremost talking heads, left without a retort.

MORGAN: Well, there is, but I don't think that all of these protesters are pro-Hamas. I think you're making...

MURRAY: Right, and the difference is whether you have a large artillery behind you.

MORGAN: You don't honestly think they're all pro-Hamas, these people.

MURRAY: Well, well, I think that anyone who for instance chants things like From the River to the Sea is, in fact, what I described and is criminally ignorant. Oh, well they are, there were masses of idiots marching past Westminster Abbey last week saying exactly that.

MORGAN: Yeah, but they're not all doing it (crosstalk) I've watched the videos. There are some who are chanting and some who aren't. 

MURRAY: Okay, well here's a challenge, Piers. If you decided to go on some kind of march and in week one you discovered that you had the BMP calling, for instance, for the murder of all black people, would you not wonder whether or not you should go on week two? Would you not drop out by week three? I would have thought so, I would. 

MORGAN: That's a good question...yes, I would.


The full interview is over seven minutes long, and it's worth watching. I won't belabor the point by transcribing or describing it all, but here is in its entirety with subtitles. 

There's a lot said in the exchange, but Murray's primary push was to point out that Hamas and its supporters are not just oppressed individuals who can be reasoned with. They aren't a population you can import and assimilate with the hope that they'll respect and become a viable part of Western civilization. Hamas and those chanting "from the river to the sea" are sustained by death and destruction. It is their very identity, and we are seeing that play out in Western cities across the globe. 

As Murray explains, even the Nazis attempted to hide their atrocities. Hamas sympathizers are proud of theirs and proclaim them publicly. Because of that, they should be seen as at least as barbaric as Hitler's movement was. In fact, it's reasonable to say that Hamas is simply a modern extension of Nazism. Instead of reacting accordingly, police forces from London to New York City are standing idly by as the violence escalates. Why? Because those perpetrating it are intersectional and thus untouchable. 


How does that end? How does Western civilization survive when hundreds of thousands of people are marching through the streets calling for genocide while the authorities only enforce the law against those who would stand against them? 

The West is paralyzed by fear. The fear of being called bigots overrides every bit of common sense that might preserve some semblance of a free and fair society. Those who support Hamas, and as Murray says, these protesters absolutely support Hamas, are not in Europe or the United States to get jobs and live peacefully. They are there to conquer the culture, and they are winning by default because Western governments are terrified to react. 

The waters are being tested right now. Islamist elements are seeing how far they can push the issue. Can they kick that door in at Central Station? Can they beat that Jewish man up walking down the street? Can they chant for genocide while receiving plaudits from the mainstream press? Right now, the answer to all those questions is yes, and the green light to go further is shining bright. Murray is delivering a warning to the West. This either stops now, or it destroys everything.



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