London Police Deliver Chilling Message to Counter-Protesters Opposing Pro-Hamas Mobs

AP Photo/Kin Cheung

London has become ground zero for some of the most disturbing pro-Hamas demonstrations in the world following the attacks on October 7th in Israel, and things just got a lot more chilling. 


As RedState reported, tens of thousands have marched through the streets, some shouting antisemitic slogans and declaring support for "intifada." The mobs have also taken over various British monuments, desecrating and damaging them. 

In light of that, counter-protestors showed up on Saturday to ask people to respect British heritage. Instead of being allowed to march down the street as the pro-Hamas protesters have done, though, they were forced to stay behind barricades. Why the disparate enforcement of the law? According to police on the scene, there are just too many pro-Hamas protesters. 

The United Kingdom is now a country where you can't freely protest while waving a British flag, but you can march down the street waving a Palestinian flag while defacing monuments without consequence. If that seems insane, that's because it is. 

It's essentially an admission that London has fallen. Those who can gather the largest crowds get the space to break the law at will. Meanwhile, those who seek to maintain some semblance of sanity in society are shunned with restrictions on their ability to demonstrate. 


How long can that be the standard before things escalate to a very bad place? A country can't survive when it allows people waving foreign flags to flaunt the law while others are placed in a box. Many attending the pro-Hamas rallies aren't even citizens, having entered Britain as part of various waves of asylum seekers from the Middle East. 

That begs the question: If everything is so great in Gaza, why are they in the United Kingdom? 

It has become a global trend for people who fled tyrannical regimes to demonstrate support for them in the countries that have taken them in. That occurred in Israel in early September when rival groups of Eritrean asylum-seekers rioted, with one side being in favor of Eritrea's current regime. If someone supports the government in the country they came from, why did they need to flee in the first place? The dynamic is perverted and shows the severe corruption of the world's asylum systems. 

Europeans better wake up because this is all going nowhere good. 



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