There Is No More Excuse for 'Pro-Palestine' Protesters to Not Be Considered 'Pro-Hamas'

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Right now, on the front page of RedState, there are a slew of articles exposing the hatred and brutality of "pro-Palestinian" protesters. This includes a recent attack on Israel supporters right in front of the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, California. 

(READ: Pro-Hamas Extremists Attack Israel Supporters—Right in Front of LA's Museum of Tolerance)

The infuriating and unforgivable cheering on of blatant antisemitism and the promotion of genocide is usually not exactly a rare occurrence. Not only are these anti-Israel protests happening in the streets, they're occurring on university campuses and with large numbers in attendance. 

This has led to the defense of many of these protesters as simply being ignorant of what they were supporting and that they should be given some kind of forgiveness for their lack of knowledge about what's actually happening. To be fair, I might have agreed with this...initially. 

The thing is, since the October 7 attack, Hamas has repeatedly made it clear what the goal of this war is. They're not shy about advocating for the genocide and destruction of an entire people and their country. Moreover, many of the protesters outside the Gaza Strip haven't been shy about their desires for Jewish people to meet grisly ends either.  

These pro-Hamas protesters murdered a Jewish man in cold blood

There is a brutal honesty to these "protesters," and they've exposed themselves too many times for things not to be apparent at this point. The excuse for not knowing what you're siding with when you chant "from the river to the sea" has gone. 

This point was made very well by author and journalist Douglas Murray who got into a short debate with Piers Morgan over this very topic. Morgan made the argument that not every pro-Palestine protester is for the genocide of the Jewish people, to which Murray made an argument so compelling that he seemingly changed Morgan's mind right then and there. 

"Here's a challenge, Piers," began Murray. "If you decided to go on some kind of march and in week one you discovered that you had the BNP (British Nationalist Party) along your side calling, for instance, for the murder of all black people. Would you not wonder whether or not you should go on week two, and would you not drop out by about week three?"

The answer left Morgan stunned yet admitting that this is a very good point. 

And it is a good point. 

These are unabashed, self-admitted racists who are openly suggesting that the entirety of the Jewish population in Israel and everywhere else should be hunted down and eliminated. They have taken many of the same exact positions that the Nazis did in Germany starting in the 1920s. 

At this point, there isn't an excuse. They either disapprove of genocide or they approve of it and the people in these protests need to decide which side they sit on because there is no riding this fence. 

Either they're antisemites or they abhor the idea, and if they do disapprove, then they need to leave these protests and stop lending their voice to such an evil enterprise. There is no in-between. 



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