Jen Psaki's Incredible Tin-Foil Hat Conspiracy Shows What Democrats Really Think of Minorities

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Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki has settled in her new digs at MSNBC, and she’s become the hack of choice for Democrat politicians when they need a softball interview to get things rolling. But when she’s not lavishing praise on Nancy Pelosi and James Comey, she’s giving cringe monologues whereby she manages to expose what she and her party really think about minorities.


That’s become a topic of contention given the recent position Democrats have put themselves in with Muslims and Asian Americans. In regard to the latter, the decision by the Supreme Court to strike down affirmative action in college admissions, which had institutionalized discrimination against Asians, left many on the left reeling and lashing out. Some even went so far as to accuse Asian Americans of allying with “white supremacy.”

But it’s the left’s battle with Muslims that has really raised eyebrows lately. As RedState reported, multiple districts have been besieged by angry parents who do not want their children sexualized and taught gender ideology in school. That’s led to some outright physical confrontations with counter-protesters who are apparently really obsessed with teaching eight-year-olds they can “change” their gender.

Back to Psaki, she’s got a theory about all this. You see, it’s not that Democrat policies are off-putting and morally egregious. It’s that the dastardly GOP is somehow behind Muslims not wanting to pump their kids full of puberty blockers.

So lately I’ve been noticing the reemergence of a very old GOP playbook that harkens back to President Richard Nixon’s infamous southern strategy. During his campaign for president in 1968, the Republican party made a concerted effort to reach white southerners, who used to vote for Democrats, by playing to their fears of African Americans and the civil rights movement. And it worked, by pitting one group of Americans against another, the GOP successfully managed to split off southern whites from the Democratic Party.

Now, decades later, the right wing is reviving that same playbook, this time with Muslim Americans and trans people. Hear me out, the GOP is trying to recruit Muslim Americans, a community that makes up less than two percent of the population, against another tiny marginalized group of Americans, transgender people.


Hang on, I’ve got a meme for this.

So let me get this straight. The reason Muslims, one of the most socially conservative groups in history (not just in America, but the world) are against transgenderism is because Republicans somehow “recruited” them to that opposition. It’s not because transgender ideology is dangerous and corrosive, leading to the mutilation of children, both by chemical and physical means? It’s not because it goes against Muslim teachings and tradition?

Perhaps Psaki should be fitted for a tin-foil hat because her theory is one of the dumbest things I’ve heard shared in politics. No Republican had to tell a Muslim family that they don’t want their kid trans. That’s a conclusion they were able to come up with all on their own.

You won’t convince Democrats of that, though. The infantilization of minorities is at the core of their political movement.

Oh, shoot. He figured it out. Muslims were really totally pro-trans and sexualization of their children until Republicans decided that chopping off the breasts of little girls is wrong. Also, Asians felt great about being discriminated against until the GOP decided that racism in academia is harmful on multiple levels.


Conversely, those minority groups came to those conclusions on their own because they are made up of adults with individual agency. Democrats refuse to accept that, though. They’d rather spin wild conspiracies about a new “Southern strategy” than entertain the fact that what they support isn’t popular.


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