WATCH: Muslim Parents Revolt at School Board Meeting Over Sexually-Explicit LGBT Agenda

Parents revolt against sexually explicit LGBT content in schools during a Dearborn, MI, school board meeting.

Who could have possibly guessed that heavily traditional Muslim parents might not be too keen on sexually-explicit LGBT content in schools? Apparently, that came as a shock to the school board in Dearborn, MI, which faced a parental revolt on Thursday evening.


A crowd of about 600 people gathered at the school board meeting, most appearing to be Arab. Dearborn is, of course, the most heavily Muslim area of the country. Wild scenes followed as activists and union members repeatedly attempted to call for unity to no avail.

This was a clash long in the making. Despite typically voting for the Democratic Party, Muslims are largely traditionalists when it comes to the LGBT agenda. And while many Muslims in the United States are tolerant enough to look the other way in general society, they aren’t going to sit by as their children are exposed to sexually-explicit material in school.

In this case, six books promoting the LGBT agenda have caused an uproar. Fox 2 in Detroit provides some details.

Dozens of people wanted their voices heard about the six LCBTQ+ books being reviewed by the district, including “This Book is Gay” and “All Boys Aren’t Blue.” This review comes after a parent complained that the books were sexually explicit and inappropriate for children.

“A normal, psychologically sound and stable mind would come to a conclusion that that specific material is nothing but sexually explicit,” Ziad Abdalmalik said.


It’s been a minute since I’ve been in school, but I don’t remember books being in the library explicitly promoting and describing heterosexual sex. Why do schools need books called “This Book is Gay” and “All Boys Aren’t Blue” in their libraries? Those are topics best left between parents and their children, and I think that’s what these Muslim parents are saying in their protest.

Of course, the Karen contigent was present as well.

Those who disagree say this uproar is not about books at all, but rather about LGBTQ people.

“Stop pretending this is about protecting children from books. We all know this is about erasing our LBGTQ students and staff. It was literally written on signs people brought to the meeting on Monday,” said Mary Kay Kubicek…

…”If parents do not want their children to read a book, they should not allow them to do that. But to voice their views of one group of citizens on the rest of Dearborn doesn’t work either,” Judith Jones said at the meeting. “This is what Hitler did, and we all know how that worked out.”

A Hitler comparison. How very original. Apparently, if you don’t want your child to be able to walk into a public school library and pick up a book about gay sex, then you must be a nazi. What a brilliant retort that’s never been done before.

These people are insane. If they want to subject their children to the LGBT agenda, they can do so under current law on their own time. But taxpayers should not be forced to send their children to schools that actively promote such, especially in explicit ways. School boards exist to serve parents and children, not political narratives. If the majority of Dearborn parents don’t want these books in the libraries, they shouldn’t be in the libraries. That’s how local control of schools works.


As to whether this will lead to anything politically in a broader context, I doubt it. Yes, these parents appear to be blaming Rep. Rashida Tlaib, but I’ll believe the residents of Dearborn will hold her accountable when I see it and not a moment before.


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